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Thread: "Bet Your Life" Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Does anyone know if this will be reairing? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    and there is Billy Zane! I wish he had hair. But he still is hot.

    I hate NBC. They started a minute or two early - turned the tv on in the middle of the opening narration. Blah!
    The minute I turned on the TV to watch this I missed the intro too.

    I think the boat scene from the competition would've been a better planned-out movie than this that's based off a book you read in high school. Billy Zane would've looked better in his Phantom costume and hair from Titanic.

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    what a rip off for the winners i watched the show in the begining and after the first episode i was bored to death so i dicided to not watch but i thought they would be in a movie that came out in the movies not tv! psh please now what? thats it they get to be in a tv movie?

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    I don't think this will hurt Billy Zane's career - he'll be seen as "throwing the new kids a bone" and agreeing to do this cheesy movie for "charity".

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    ummm, there were times when we (my son and I) would actually say the next line... better than the actors Just a tad too predictable eh?

    I have to say though, it was fun to watch and laugh at. Although it wasn't a comedy, so I don't know if that's good or not. I missed about the first ten minutes, but really I could have missed the first 90 and still been OK.

    It had to be so fun and exciting for Jarod and Corinne though. Good for them.

    For the record, I didn't like Corinnes straitened hair. I liked the curls much more.
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    I may need to duck after this,
    but my husband and I both enjoyed the movie last night.
    I am surprised at all the negative comments about the actors and the movie.

    ducking now

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    I hope Corinne and Sean had fun making this movie. Sadly, I can't see them cast in anything else. Sean was completely wooden, except for that funny mop of curls they stuck on top of his head. He looked a lot better with a buzz cut.

    And can we now declare the hair-straightening craze over? Corrine looks a lot better with her hair natural, or at least in curls. Straight blond hair looks really creepy on her.

    Terrible script, horrible acting, really stupid premise.

    If they bring this back for another season, they're crazy.

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    I only saw 2 episodes of the show, but I did catch most of the movie last night.

    Can you say "cheezy"?! It wasn't the worst thing I've ever seen, but Sean needs alot more acting lessons. He wouldn't even stand naturally; he was trying too hard for that tough-guy, broad-shouldered look. Corrine was actually halfway believable, though (she looked just as good with the straight hair as the curly, if you ask me).

    Like I said, it wasn't awful but I had 4 issues with it:
    1- It was an action version of Rat Race.
    2- Sean's not-yet-top-notch acting.
    3- Those TINY bit-parts for the other contestants. Either don't use them, or give them a little more screen-time.
    4- That scene where "bad-guy" (Zane?) starts singing "Viva Las Vegas" like Elvis, then turns around and makes a gun with his hand,,, with the shot sound effect. That had to be the cheesiest part of the movie and I actually felt embarrassed for the guy .

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    Aww, I missed the movie last night. Aside from the terrible script and acting, the usual premise for an action flick, how were the "net zero high speed challenge" scenes? Did they execute any death defying stunts?

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    I have only watched the first 30 minues. It was getting way too late so I went to bed at like 4am. From what I saw so far the whole movie just looks so un-professionaly done. I think Sean and Corinne are doing very well but the script is horribly done. You cannot blame them for bad line reading when the script is complete crap.

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