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Thread: "Bet Your Life" Movie Preview 08/04

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    I am, too, thinking Sean and Corinne. I can see Sean as a former quarterback from the bunch of guys, and Corinne is the only woman whom I could see as a bounty hunter from the selection at hand.

    And I will certainly watch it. I have followed this show, so there is no way I would miss the "finale", trainwreck or not
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Exactly. After investing this many weeks watching the show, I'm certainly going to finish it out.

    Can anyone really picture Jared as a (pro) quarterback? Didn't think so!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverstar
    Made-for-tv movie? I guess I'm a complete idiot for even thinking this would get on some random movie screens.

    I won't even comment on the storyline.
    The initial stories about this show back at the beginning were pretty up-front about the pathetic so-called action movie they were making, and it being just a TV movie. It's only the "major motion picture" line in the show itself that's SO misleading. Majorly STUPID pathetic TV Movie is more like it.

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    This movie seems so beneath Joel Surnow. I mean, he is the guy behind 24 and the La Femme Nikita tv series... two very intelligent and often heart-stopping shows. Why take away the intelligence just for a few explosions? I think that this film won't do Corinne or Sean any favors. Maybe Corinne can keep going.... she'd make a great Bond girl or spy.
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