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Thread: 7/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    That was total bull that no one was eliminated. Jared should be out of there!!!

    So those four get a reprieve, and probably next week someone from the first group will get eliminated. This show really bothers me.
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    That totally blew! I thought the twist was that all four would be eliminated -- that would have been a whale of a lot better.

    I'm beginning to loathe Jared. He acts like a jerk then when somebody calls him on it, he refuses to discuss it. I sincerely hope he never gets famous. If his ego gets any bigger...

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    If they really thought all four were horrible and just couldn't agree which pair was worse, they should have eliminated all four.

    What a horrible episode. All that stupid crap about the wills. Maybe it's good acting practice but it was agony to sit through. Maybe if they hadn't spent the last few episodes doing the same exact thing it wouldn't have been so bad. :rolleyes
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    I was too tired to watch it last night --- very glad that I didn't miss anything!!!

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    Maybe i'm wrong, but i think that they're making mountains out of molehills here. Put a bunch of people in a house and add tons of stress, of course they're going to fight. DOn't tell me the biggest fight of the week was at dinner over a weirdo dressed like a clown... i think they just got sick of showing Jared as the golden boy and to be perfectly honest, i'm glad- no one could have been as nice as he was to that freak vivianna all the time- he's cracking around the edges but i still think he'll find the glue to keep it together. Well, one can hope.

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    The show is over the top cheese. However I cannot pull away from this train wreck. Jeanne is so hot. I could watch her breathe for 30 minutes. I have noticed her snuggling up to Melisande. I would love to see that kinda action in a Net Zero challenge.

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    I for one would have said "No, I will keep my fat ass right here so I can tell you to your face that your aura sucks and you ain't all that!!" And maybe I'd add a neck-roll just for the hell of it

    Does anyone think Mae is sometimes really pretty depending on the angle?

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    This show is going down fast. The good thing about taping a show is that you can fast-forward through a lot of the boring stuff which was almost the entire show.

    I agree with all those that have said that Melisande, Mae, Jared, and Mark should've all been eliminated. They all were pathetic...but not as much as Jared. He just blew chuncks. He was one of my favorites at first, but his big ego has made him into a diva with a tormented look. He's delusional if he thinks his group did an amazing job.

    Jeanne and Corrine were very good. I'll be happy if either one wins. As for the guys, they are a little boring. Sean sometimes is pretty good, and other times he gives weak performances, but I still like him better than John.

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    Wolf, that's why I tape all my shows; only TAR and Survivor don't get edited at the b-hive! I never did like Jared, don't think he's good looking and have thought his acting melodramatic from the beginning and getting worse every week. Mark improved to a point, but doesn't have any skills required of action stars (driving, swimming, etc). Melisande can't act and Mae is boring. So, I also think that whole group should have been sent packing.
    I think Sean looks the part of the action star, and marginally better to watch than John. Corrine is my favorite, but Jeanne is also a promising actress.
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