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Thread: Next Action Star 6/30/04 Recap: Nothing Wrong with a Little Bump & Grind?

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    Excellent recap as always, Manny! You have so many delicious turns-of-phrase in every single line, making it hard to decide what fave quotes to pull out for extra-lurvin', but this week I think your whole intro was pure platinum!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    By the way, don’t be put off by the title. This recap will most assuredly not be filled with R. Kelly jokes. Actually, I’m so tragically un-hip, I don’t even know any R. Kelly jokes, and I’m certainly not wasting any time making one up. No, I promise you a tasteful, family-friendly recap. I merely want to fill you up. I mean, IN! Fill you IN! *Ahem*
    Of course, it's also sort of a fun game to see what song titles you'll cleverly sneak into your caps each week. Finally, I must declare my undying linguistic lurve to you for using the word "eldritch" in your recap.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    I merely want to fill you up. I mean, IN! Fill you IN! *Ahem* So, let’s see what our favorite aspiring stars are up to this episode. . . .

    Get Freeeeeeeeeee!

    The contestants start small, sort of “hopping” a few feet down and landing on a Lilliputian mattress on their back. By the end of the day, the Brobdingnagian air cushion for the big-time jumps has been inflated, and the contestants begin to get a little nervous.

    Finally, he steps up, frees his mind (because it’s all psychological, you know), and, yes!--executes a brilliant jump . . . in slow motion, even!

    So That’s What the Kids Call it These Days. “Improv.”

    I’m not saying anything, but Mr. Fine seems to really dig this whole “intimacy” thing.

    Should I keep taking notes for the recap or simply sit back and take note?

    Sean, meanwhile, says he’s sure that Corinne’s reservations have nothing to do with him. Whatever, big stud.

    Most simply enjoy one another’s company, but Sean insists that he and Linda work on their lines again. What a hot date!

    Jared and Mélisande rush off immediately to practice. *nudge nudge, wink wink*

    Reach Out, Touch Faith

    That’s very philosophical, but the fear I have for Greg’s underwear is so paralyzing, I don’t think anything artistic could ever come out of it.

    Will they be able to overcome their differences and tear the roof off the mutha, sucka? Why, no.

    Without such expectations and wheat-from-chaff deliberation, we could have ended up with Paulie Shore in “Lord of the Rings.” As Gandalf. Thank you, Victoria Burrows!
    Fantastic!!! Mannitola!! First up, I have GOT to comment on the fabulous title of this recap!! After an R. Kelly song that I ashamedly own. That in and of itself, makes this recap GOLD!! I'm surprised that you, Mr. Metal himself, is actually familiar with said song. But oh yeah, it sooo works here!!

    Manny, Mannster, Mannitola, you are gifted, my peep, gifted. Love your recaps, even when I have to get to them late! Eloquent, amazingly talented stuff. Who needs this show? Your recaps are sooo much more entertaining!! There was so much to quote, what the hay, I did anyway. Great job!!
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    always enjoy your recaps Manny.... esp. the DM references (love their music and your avatar.)

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