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Thread: The Next Action Star 6/22/04 Recap: Make-Overs and Making Out

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    Snowflake took all my favorites--la tigra! Great job Manny. I swear your recaps are sucking me in. One of these days I'm really going to watch this show.
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    Great recap, Manny!

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    hasn't anyone lifted that furnace off Manny's neck yet? Damn, people, let's set up a lever or something. Super recap Manny. My favorite part:
    Viviana, meanwhile, tells us something about her feeling threatened when people don't respect her. "Please don't disrespect me. If you don't respect me, I'll become your worst nightmare." Um, Viv, I think you're quite possibly everyone's worst nightmare, already.
    so true it is funny.
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    Manny, while the last recap was good, I thought this one was freakin' awesome!

    Some of my favs that weren't already mentioned:
    Greg is now very excited to take in all the help and advice that Mr. Fine can give them, and I am excited to see if he will mistake Viviana for his former student.

    It's really quite sad, but I still have House's dying redneck ringing in my ears. Forgive my puerile irreverence. Maybe the contestants can make me feel bad if they act really well.

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