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Thread: 6/22 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I was bummed they didn't show Corrine's scene. She's one of my favorites.

    I didn't like Young at all, he seemed a litttle "out there" to me. Like he was above it all.

    Go ahead and take a whack at Viviana John, I'll hold her.

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    John, I totally agree with you about Viviana. She feels entitled to respect as her birthright for being a chick with a big mouth and big boobs, but she gives absolutely no respect to the acting coaches or her fellow contestants. It's all about her.
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    As much as I dislike Viviana, I think she'll be around for a while because she is so colourful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom
    He's obviously a great interviewer. Now that's not ALWAYS the same skill as acting though...

    With these cheesy scenes they are given to do, who can tell for sure how good they are?
    i agree completely about the scenes, but with what they've had to work with, in the first scene at least i thought he was the best for the males (and i am indeed biased) and in the second i thought ...well we didn't get to see much of him acting. sean was amazing though.

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    Some of the makeovers were pretty good, Mae looked much better. (Was that Cher who was in charge? )

    I was horrified when they paired House with "DQ" Viviana. I was worried she would prove to be the kiss of death for him, but gladly he survived the cut.
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    Can someone post before/after makeover shots of everyone? Or of some of them? anyone? ... anyone? ... Bueller?
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