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Thread: Does anyone know if...

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    Does anyone know if...

    I noticed in the second show, there was a girl named Irene - that didn't make the cut. It listed her as a "Production Assistant". I kept looking at her and thinking that she looked a LOT like the Irene that was in The Real World - Seattle.

    Did anyone else notice this - and does anyone know if it was her?

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    To my knowledge, the girl you're thinking of was named Eileen...
    If you go to NBC's website for last action star, and look at the contestants page, you'll be able to verify this (i can't link it, I'm too new evidently).
    But yes, I was disappointed to see her, go, I felt she had the best "If it Bleeds, it leads" line.

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    Is this who you are talking about?

    Though it looks like Irene from Real World, it is not.

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