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Thread: The Contestants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayner
    I see that the two winners will "star" in a Joel Silver film on NBC. Any bets that their parts will be the equivalent of Star Trek Red Shirts?

    2 Rules in Life:

    1. Don't mess with JR
    2. Never wear a red shirt on Star Trek.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    What came first: The Next Action "Star" or the Next Action Star "movie?"
    I'm wondering if they're basing their eliminations on the casting for the "movie" rather than seeking the Next Action Star.

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    Dan Wells...reality show whore

    Dan Wells was a contestant from the first episode, but he didn't make the cut. Did anyone else remember him from "Boy Meets Boy"? He was pretending to be gay, but he eventually got voted off that too.

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