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Thread: 5/12 Show Spoilers

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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    I did watch the show on TIVO and here's my thoughts:

    1. I hated how they fired one from each team. In all honesty, it should have been Penn and Lisa in the end. I don't know if he was afraid Lisa couldn't bring in celebrity and/or money or if it was just a set up to have Trace back in the finale. Trace did mentally check out the past few tasks. What he has going for him is he picked the team that gave us 5 of the top 6 (or 4 if you don't count Trace). He also raised the most money for his charity. But his weaknesses showed on Team Power so I actually didn't think he was deserving of the finale this year. Penn and Lisa had better winning records, and the way Lisa managed Gary so successfully made her a winner in my eyes. I really think she got shortchanged. I do agree Penn deserved to be there but not so sure on Trace.
    2. Maple is nasty period. I don't like maple syrup, maple candy, or even the maple tree that grows in my parents' yard. It makes a sappy mess every fall. I have no interest in trying Trace's nasty maple ice cream. Penn's sounds better and his execution in "what is a Swirtle" was better. But I can see country music fans lined up at Walgreens buying the ice cream to support Trace. I was surprised at how many people chose maple ice cream. Must be a Northeastern thing because I think it's just gross. And even if Brett Michaels (yum) offered me some, I'd have to pass.
    3. John Rich seemed to have zero trouble getting Nashville to show up for him. It makes me wonder if John is more well liked than Trace. Now I know it's just editing but a current event this month really showed me the difference in the two. At George Jones' wake, John Rich (along with Loretta Lynn and others) stood in line to pay their respects to Mr. Jones and family. But Trace and Brad Paisley got the VIP treatment and were whisked in and out like they were the President. That right there tells me where the egos in Nashville are and that really hindered my opinion of Trace a lot. Why give the singer of Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk special treatment like that? And who is he to demand it?

    I guess in the end I'm pulling for Penn because he proved himself a vip week in and week out for his team. He raised money and he brought in people. He also brought in ideas that were not only implemented but won for his team. I really feel like he is the most deserving this year.
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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle David View Post
    I ate some of Penn's ice cream. Sounded good, but the execution was bad.

    Go Team Penn!
    what do you mean by execution?

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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    The vanilla ice cream was bland, there was one piece of curved chocolate that served as the 'swirl' and there couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 'turtles' in the whole pint.
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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    I just finished watching the finale (Sunday was a Survivor night for me as I'm sure it was for most- totally no contest!) and just a few thoughts:

    - I thought it was unfair that Trump compared Lil Jon's $40K win to Trace's $600K win. Trace had a fundraising task (of which there were not too many this season) and Lil Jon didn't. Lil Jon couldn't have raised more if he won 5 tasks if they weren't fund-raising tasks.

    -If whomever raised the most money was the criteria for making the finals, than Lisa deserved it over Penn. Trump totally contradicted himself when he picked Penn. I noticed he sent Lisa out of the room before he decided that- probably because she would've fought for being in the finals if she heard the reason he picked Trace over LilJon. He knew who he wanted in the finals- it was whom he thought could bring the biggest names and put on the biggest show and that was his ONLY criteria. He can sugarcoat it all he wants and claim it was about Trace's 'winning record', but that is the reason.

    -I love how Trump has to mention each episode how popular his show is and how EVERYONE wants to be on it. Uh...no they don't. Denial isn't just a river in Eqypt, Donald.

    -I'm glad Penn recognized that no one would know what a Swurtle (Swirtle?) was and made his video and packaging explain it, otherwise I think he wouldv'e been in trouble if Trump was looking for a reason for a Trace win.

    -I also agree that Trump won't let Trace be runner-up again- I think I said that in last week's thread as well. I'm rooting for Penn, though. I liked Trace a lot more the last time he played.

    -They are going to have to edit the heck out of Gary's commercial to make it funny because from what I saw, I wasn't even cracking a smile.

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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    Im sorry but i really hope Trace does not win. Penn deserves to win this season. Trace is just way too laid back and to me his attitude is if i win great if i dont win oh well. Penn clearly wants it more and has always had great ideas in every task. Really hope Penn wins.

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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    I hope Penn wins, but think Trace wins.

    I liked both on their regular seasons but Penn more.

    However, a Trace moment I loved though happened to be when he was guest judging on a season after his. Usually when Trump fires someone, he asks his colleagues if he made the right decision, and of course they kiss his ass and say "Oh yes of course Mr. Trump". But Trace was brave enough to say "No, you did not" this one time. Loved it.
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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    I just tried both ice creams. My favorite was Trace's which surprised me because maple macadamia wouldn't be something I'd normally like. It is quite like a butter pecan flavor. I also agree with Unc that Penn's flavor was mostly bland vanilla with just a smidge of chocolate. That being said: Penn FTW!
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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    I am really surprised that Lil John could not pull in more star power. He has done songs with some of the biggest names right now. Pitbull, Lmfao, and many others come to mind. I really thought he would pull more than he did.
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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by livin4reality View Post
    I just tried both ice creams. My favorite was Trace's which surprised me because maple macadamia wouldn't be something I'd normally like. It is quite like a butter pecan flavor. I also agree with Unc that Penn's flavor was mostly bland vanilla with just a smidge of chocolate. That being said: Penn FTW!
    Thanks for the review!

    The Red Cross is pushing people to go out and buy Trace's ice cream through their chapter email newsletters. Apparently whoever sells the most gets $100,000 added. I imagine Penn's charity is doing something similar, but as a local charity, it won't have the same reach.

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    Re: 5/12 Show Spoilers

    Trace is on my S list.

    He keeps pushing the Red Cross yet does all these commercials for the Wounded Warriors!

    I think Trace should insist that either the Red Cross give some help to the Wounded Warriors or split his win money!
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