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Thread: Celebrity Apprentice 5/20 Episode_ And The Winner Is.... ****SPOILERS****

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 5/20 Episode_ And The Winner Is.... ****SPOILERS****


    I think you and I are on the same page about Lisa's character.

    As far as the donation to Clay ... I don't doubt that her efforts were partially self-serving if only so people wouldn't dislike her so much, and to show she does have a heart ... since she was mostly heartless throughout the competition.

    Dayana said that Lisa doesn't have respect for herself ... and I agree. She seems to be a very insecure woman and covers it with that brashness and dirty mouth. Think about it. I suspect that Dayana is what Lisa has competed with her entire life and has been overlooked when a Dayana is in the mix.

    So Lisa is out to prove that she is just as good and worthy. She just doesn't know how to do it so she hides behind that tough broad persona. I wish she would find another way.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 5/20 Episode_ And The Winner Is.... ****SPOILERS****

    Quote Originally Posted by ness View Post
    The $10K to Clay from Lisa? Lowdown and backstabbing. There was nothing job-based in that. It was all schoolyard "throw a rock and hide your hand" stuff. EXCEPT that, in THIS case, Lisa went over-the-top in putting what she did out there and on show, for ALL the world to see. The public "I want EVERYBODY to KNOW!" way in which she did it was even WORSE than her hiding her hand would've been. Had she been sincere about the reason for giving Clay the $10K strictly as a means to help his charity, she'd've contacted him quietly AFTER the show was over and done whatever it was she wanted to do.
    EXACTLY. If she was giving from the heart, her $10,000 donation would have been every bit as useful to and appreciated by the organization after the show. She either did it during the show to make sure as many people as possible knew she was giving, or to sabotage Arsenio, or both (most likely).

    ETA: I just realized I said the same thing you did. But I feel the same way you do!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 5/20 Episode_ And The Winner Is.... ****SPOILERS****

    Lisa just wanted to help Clay win and she appreciated Clay's charity. Nothing in the rules says you can't give to the other team. She even said in the finale that Clay should win and she wants Arsenio to get that talk show, so she never hid where her heart is.

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 5/20 Episode_ And The Winner Is.... ****SPOILERS****

    I still believe Clay should have won this but I didn't really have a problem with either of them winning.
    I have a feeling Arsenio will be coming out soon with a new show. Usually that's what happens in a case like this.
    Celebs are always promoting something of theirs whenever they show up anywhere.
    Ok with me because I like him..a lot.

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