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Thread: Celebrity Apprentice 4/29 Episode_Jingle All The Way Home****SPOILERS****

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/29 Episode_Jingle All The Way Home****SPOILERS****

    Let's see if Lisa finds people with disabilities fair game too.

    Lisa really is a smart woman and I'd like to smack her for acting so stupid.
    "The way to become boring is to say everything." Voltaire

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/29 Episode_Jingle All The Way Home****SPOILERS****

    Quote Originally Posted by spockwhat View Post

    Looking back at the past few pages of this thread... what really struck me is we ALL have different views of what is acceptable to say and what isn't. It's all perspective, I guess.

    For example, I don't mind the use of the word catty as long as it has equal opportunity use... I've had it leveled at me, and in some cases, it was a compliment, and in others, not so much. Others obviously disagree. Some draw the line on any insults, and I can see that as being black and white 'right', however, it is also a bit, I don't know, uptight. My friends and I flail each other, but it's all in good fun.

    Perhaps the intention behind the insult is more important that what is actually being said. But who has the ability to figure out other people's intentions in every instance? For example, if Lisa's intention with equal opportunity racial or sexist humour is to 'lighten' those words, than is it as bad? Or, is she hiding behind an excuse so she can insult anyone in any way that she wants and be vile and mean on whatever terms she likes? From the evidence we've seen on this show, the latter may seem more likely.

    So, once again, it's all a personal perspective, and because of that, it will certainly continue. I think Rattus said it best... learn to take it. My reasoning is that if a person insults you to hurt you, it only reflects on them. None of the insults leveled at Dayana by Lisa MEANT anything. It didn't change how we viewed Dayana (we can assess her intelligence ourselves) and it only reflected back on LISA. (Wow, did it reflect back on Lisa) So, insults leveled at the one being insulted actually have nothing to do with them! If we could adopt that attitude, the insults would lose their power.
    Spockwhat, your post was brilliant.
    It is interesting to see all the different viewpoints of others, how we react strongly to some things and how others see it differently.
    I completely understand the perspective of "Learn to take it" and believe it in many different aspects. I often don't comment on all the Bullying-talk that's so ever-present in today's society because most would not agree with me. I think bullying is wrong and very cruel and yet, since we all have been bullied at one time or another, I really have to applaud those that have used it to make themselves stronger.
    My brother was telling me the other day how he remembers being bullied as a kid/young man...he was always small and slender...not "manly enough" but he said, it just made him more determined to better himself in every way he could. But I rarely say that because people just jump all over me, (bullying??) for thinking that way.

    To some, being called something like catty is not very offensive...to others, it's horrendous.
    You are so very right when you state that it's really reflects badly on the name-caller, not the person being insulted. And this is why it angered me so much about Arsenio calling Aubrey names that had nothing to do with the trouble she caused. I really liked/like him and hated that he sullied my admiration for him. I also have no problem calling them out for the exact thing(s) that hindered the challenge for the rest of the team.

    I so wish I could remember to think that it's the "insulter" that reduces them to a little pesky bug...but I often find myself outraged and offended. Emotions can really obscure our way of handling these people in the appropriate way at times.

    Thanks for an excellent post with your observations.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/29 Episode_Jingle All The Way Home****SPOILERS****

    I think that Clay can be sarcastic, and maybe it doesn't bother me because that's kind of how my circle of friends are, not that were mean to each other but we can tease and play with each other..Also, lets not forget that they are "coached" etc in what they say to get the most dramatic affect possible. there's a video with the "she came out of her mothers cach and onto a stripper pole" and then clay said "there can you use that"

    I think for the most part Clay has been really diplomatic, he goes in with the idea that its better to work together and win your task, then to fight and lose and thats why the guys won so much when they were together.

    I do think that during the jingle task Clay was very stressed, because that is in his "wheelhouse" he said in his blog that he was hoping they would agree to let him be the leader again cause it is his life work, but dyana wanted to do it. So I think he was more stressed cause if they lost, then he might be on the chopping block, plus..I think its hard to watch someone else "boss you" at something that you have a talent for.

    i think ALL the contestants have "catty' moments..when someone does something they dont think is good, or something that is kind of humerous or not the smartest its easy to roll your eyes or make a comment..also, something else that Clay made clear on twitter is those interview portions are cut and pasted and taken out of context...

    the difference is I see Lisa as a mean person, and she has said that what you see is how she really is...and I think aubrey is egocentric, cant stand either one of them..I liked most of the men, but I see Arsenio as a major floater..I personally dont see that he has added much at all to his teams, and there were a few times when I think he should have gotten fired.

    I am a clay fan (obviously notice the avatar haha) but Im trying to look at what he has done and said with an open mind, and believe it or not, I havent loved everything he has said, but I think all of them have been "catty" at moments..
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/29 Episode_Jingle All The Way Home****SPOILERS****

    I am a clay fan (obviously notice the avatar haha) but Im trying to look at what he has done and said with an open mind, and believe it or not, I havent loved everything he has said, but I think all of them have been "catty" at moments..
    I feel exactly like you. I would still love him to win.

    or Arsenio
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