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Thread: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden View Post
    Does it aggravate anyone else that Lisa always talks over the top of other people? She's got that big, loud voice and she uses it to drown out everyone else. It's not that I'm not on Lou's, or anyone's, side here, but that's such an annoying habit. I wish Trump would tell them to talk one at a time, so we could actually hear what everyone says, not just the person with the biggest mouth.
    Yes, it's annoying. It's even more annoying when she turns it around on Lou and says that just because he is talking loud doesn't mean he's right or whatever it was she said. But then again, hypocrites are like that!

    I'm glad that Lou is finally gone, his arguments are nonsensical. He waits for an opportunity to throw his team under the bus, instead of speaking up at the time. Too bad he has been there for all this time, he was deadweight. How could you be so stupid to say you liked the other team's commercial better?

    Is Lou developmentally delayed? There is something really off with him and it is not just because of the hearing loss.

    I really hope Lisa and Aubrey are next, I can't stand seeing all that ugliness on my TV.

    Oh and I had to laugh when Trump said he is very honest. He likes to be honest. Really? How he managed to say that with a straight face cracked me up. He may be a lot of things, honest is not one of them.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Quote Originally Posted by judibug View Post
    I thought Lou said "think about it" not "take it back."
    BELIEVE us, the man said:

    "Take it back. I don't want to be fired!"

    Yep. He actually fixed his mouth, wound it up, and let that rip.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Jumping ahead here but....boy if I had the grace and beauty of Dayana, I'd take over the world. Especially with Donald Trump behind me. (No double meaning there ) And at 25! What a gracious woman.

    Oh yeah.....and give me Lisa's balls under that skirt, too. Whatever she has, Trump likes it.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Lisa Lampanelli yelling at Arsenio was ridiculous the woman is a nutter butter. Yelling at him about messing up his reputation. I wanted to yell at her about what she had done to her own, but she has already killed what little she had.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    I was very surprised that Dayana's commercial lost. I thought it was a lot better than Teresa's.

    The good news is . . . Lou is gone! Goodbye, Lou! Since it was pretty obvious that Lisa wasn't getting fired, I was happy it was Lou.

    He was really quite sneaky. He made such a big deal about being honest, yet he blatantly lied to Dayana and Lisa in the editing room when they asked him if he liked the commercial. He said he would tell them the truth and that he liked it, and the next second you hear him in his PI saying "I didn't like it." That was hilarious.

    It looks like Lisa is back to her evil ways of hating on Dayana next week. Please, please, please can Trump fire her or Aubrey soon? I suppose he won't get rid of either of them anytime soon since their antics provide so many fireworks. Their nastiness is really bringing me down!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    In defense of Lou's comment about the other team's being better - well, judging from what I saw tonight, I can't say as I blame him. If he is giving an honest opinion, even if it was to his detriment, then so be it. I think even he knew the writing was on the wall, but probably hates losing out to Lisa and Aubrey for one more week.

    I do agree though - the winning team's was indeed better - it felt more like a commercial (on a side note - Paul really does look DIFFERENT in regular clothing and not leather. He actually looked good mind you but still...)

    All that said, I find Aubrey and Lisa Reprehensible harpies; however, I'd rather have Lisa ousted then Aubrey. And I definitely want Dayana to outlast BOTH of them, even if she doesn't make it to the finals.

    I'm sorry, no matter how honest your assessment may be about others, you do NOT have to get flat out ugly. Yes, I felt that way to a point with Arsenio as well last week, even though Aubrey was asking for it long term. Additionally, in the case of Lisa - she is criticizing Arsenio for what he did but in turn was doing EXACTLY what she was decrying him for and then went off on Dayana and Lou for coming back the previous challenge.

    Seriously, I am hoping that next week the reason why Lisa is turning on the water works is because she knows she is in trouble and is trying to find a way to earn Trump's sympathy. I don't see any reason why someone who acts this way woudl cry.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Who thought of the idea for the winning team?

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Aubrey can go now and then all's good

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    I just want Lisa off my TV. The women is nasty. Now she thinks Dayana is pretty and useful. Right, with friends like her, who would need enemies. I loved (LOVED) how Ivanka put Aubrey in her place She didn't yell at her, she quietly said what she thought. Aubrey sat there and had to take it. Its recorded, I may just take a look at that part again

    Bye Bye Lou!

    Dayana's dress in the boardroom , classy. She looked very classy.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Does anyone else feel like Penn has checked out? I loved his fire and attitude in the first two episodes, but ever since Clay called him condescending he hasn't been the same. I hope he finds that fight in him again because I really came to like him and I think he can win this thing....
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