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Thread: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

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    FORT Fogey
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Smart from Trump and Producers to more Clay to the other team. It should be interesting.
    I am surprise Dayana is still there though!

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Lisa is just as sneaky as Lou was. She acts like a little choir boy in the boardroom with her "sir" this and "sir" that to address Trump, and keeping her foul mouth in check, but she is one nasty person around everyone else (except Aubrey). I think Dayana was spared from Lisa's venom in this task because Lisa hated Lou more at the time.

    As french dip said earlier, I think Clay and Arsenio will be the final two. But oh how I would love if Trump could manage to put Lisa and Aubrey on the same team before picking those men as finalists. All the nicey niceness Lisa and Aubrey display to each other would turn into a catfight of epic proportions. The closet psychologist in me thinks that their nastiness comes from different places. Aubrey is nasty and abrasive because she is a narcissist who actually believes she is better in every way than anyone else, while Lisa is nasty and abrasive because she feels inferior in some ways to a lot of people. Either way, the end result is all the bullying, self-congratulatory behavior we have witnessed from both of them. I know this sounds shallow, but I would love, love, love to see them turn all their negative energy on each other. It would be like a bully apocalypse.

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Quote Originally Posted by french dip View Post
    After glimpsing next week's episode, I see that Trump has put Clay on Lisa's team and Aubrey is left with only one "bully" to whine about.
    Ought to be interesting!!
    It also sets the teams up for the finale....the two left standing at the end....IMO....are now on opposite teams.
    Clay and Arsenio.
    I could live that - anyone but those two shrews!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    think Clay and Arsenio will be the final two
    I hope so.I thought it would be Aubrey and Clay at one time. I much prefer Arsenio and Clay.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Quote Originally Posted by fan*addict View Post
    Great observation~ Poor Clay, hopefully he will be able to pull Dayana and Penn together to form something "credible" and maybe Lisa's meltdown is due to being on the "outside" of a project for once. Could it be possible that Clay will finally open the other team's eyes to the fact that Lisa has a pretty poor track record for these challenges and that her "creative genius" isn't so great?.....guess we have to wait till next week!

    I think that the last 4 standing will be Dayana, Aubrey, Clay, and Arsenio..so makes sense that Trump moved Clay
    I do think Clay will open up everyone's eyes to the fact that Lisa has a horrible record as far as always being on the losing team and yet always bragging that she is the only one who does all the work. I might add I think they already have a pretty good idea already about Lisa.

    I was happy to see Lou go, but would have been just as happy seeing Lisa or Aubrey be the ones gone. I think Penn has some great ideas and wish the original Penn would come back. I put Lisa and Aubrey in the same category. Only Lisa does it in a way that brings down what a woman should stand for. I don't think she is doing us any favors at all by acting and talking the way she does. I think her career could be toast after this, but admit I do not know much about her or her career right now. I think her and Aubrey are two birds of a feather. Aubrey's charity represents people who are bullied, but I think she appears to be one herself. I was not happy that she came back although she was not a quitter so I will give her that. It appeared that she did not learn a thing from last week and went right on in her usual manner. I was extremely happy to see Ivanna call her out on it during the boardroom. My final four would be Penn, Dayana, Arsenio and Clay. I do think that most likely the final two would be Arsenio and Clay. Someone asked earlier whose idea it was for the task of the team that won and I believe it was Clay's concept. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Next week it looks Lisa has truly lost her mind. Has anybody heard any friends of Lisa's coming out to defend her from the negative comments being generated by her actions on the CA?

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    From The Apprentice Show Series on NBC: Clay's Take

    Next week brings another twist and split that I'm not that happy about! And, if you think you've seen shouting and tears in previous episodes... you ain't seen NOTHING like what happens next week. I think Lisa bursts a blood vessel, and Dayana is even hotter when she cries!!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    I still have a migraine from last night's epi.

    Lisa….PLEASE SHUT UP. I find her to be more and more and more annoying with each and eveery episode. Dear Lord, someone please get a muzzle for her. Why the heck did Trump allow the issues with Lou and Lisa to go on and on AND I did not care for Lisa bullying him about his hearing. I felt she went way to far. I think Lisa's anger goes DEEPER than CA. JMHO.

    Dayana in the previews for next weeks epi was hysterical mocking Lisa crying. HAHAHAHA.

    At this point and its early, but I would love to see ARSENIO win!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    I loved Ivanka's pointed question and comments to Aubrey! I really hope this is foreshadowing a bit...that Trump's trying to lay some groundwork for eventually firing her. Next week wouldn't be too soon for me.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/8 Episode ****SPOILERS****

    Is it just me, or did Trump look a little scared when Lou said, "Take that back. I don't want to be fired." I think Trump was worried that he might get pushed through the wall! LOL

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