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Thread: Celebrity Apprentice 4/1/2012 episode 7 - WALKING PAPERS 8 PM Eastern

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/1/2012 episode 7 - WALKING PAPERS 8 PM Eastern

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    If that team loses the challenge, then yes. If not, Lisa will suffer another week.
    Lisa will suffer? WE will suffer! Or at least I will.

    I am no fan of Lou's, and the "110%" talk was overused the 2nd time he said it. However, I'd rather watch somebody who isn't much of a contributor (but thinks he is) than somebody who is caustic and hateful. And then cries about what a martyr she is due to how much she works. I'll do a happy dance if Lisa leaves tonight. Aubrey is my 2nd choice, since we don't know which team loses. Since the preview makes it look like the team Lisa and Lou is on loses, that probably means they win. Or maybe I've watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette too many times.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/1/2012 episode 7 - WALKING PAPERS 8 PM Eastern

    The first time I saw the preview of this week's episode, my first thought was "The Donald is NOT going to like Lisa telling Lou to get ready for an elevator ride." I hope he points out to her WHO tells people to get into the elevator, and then gives her a one-way ticket to the ground floor, just for her arrogance.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/1/2012 episode 7 - WALKING PAPERS 8 PM Eastern

    Just a random thought, or two.

    Before I say anything else, please, anybody, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about anything I may be recalling incorrectly right now.

    That said . . .

    One thing I have gotten BEYOND sick and tired of is how Lisa bitches, whines, moans and complains CONSTANTLY about always being the one who has to "save the team" and "carry everybody" because "these people are so stupid".

    Ego much, Lisa?

    Conversely, when Dee got canned, he DID bring up the 110% that Lou gave to the task by going out shopping. He also noted that the "Lou Whisperers" on the team (himself, Clay and Arsenio), in particular --- and the rest of the team, too, actually --- really were the ones that did all the creative work involved in the task. Not Lou, because he was not capable of doing any of it. Dee's "one note horn" description of Lou comes to mind, right now.

    In the car ride later on (as well as various "Free at Last!" interviews later on), was when Dee flat-out said that the TEAM needed to stop carrying LOU.

    Maybe it's just me, but, it seems to me that while there were comments made by some of the guys at some points relating to how "All Lou wants to do is dress up as the Hulk!", and so on, NONE of that commentary was as consistently obnoxious, annoying, grating and totally cruelly insulting as Lisa's constant griping about having to be the one to "carry the team" (in BOTH situations where she was on a female group, AND a mixed group). And, include in that assessment her constant verbal nastiness to/about Dayana.

    Seems to me that guys in general may be pissed about a particular person, what that person does or doesn't do, or a situation --- and may very well have something to say about said person or situation --- but, for the most part, they don't usually seem to tend to go around whining and axe-grinding about it from sunup to sundown, and, consequently, stirring up $**t 24/7 like quite a few women can, and do (because misery DOES love company!).

    And, no, you can't paint ALL members of a particular gender with the same, paint-clotted brush, but I gotta say . . .

    Lisa, I'm now hanging my head in shame and contemplating donating my nail polish collection to Goodwill, because of you!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/1/2012 episode 7 - WALKING PAPERS 8 PM Eastern

    I like Lisa. I think she's smart, funny - I love the way she has toned down her raucous jokes from her usual stand-up routine. She has been complimented for her quick and clever writing (not typing, like someone else, ahem), and I'm willing to let her jealously go by the wayside. Dayana would intimidate the hell out of me, for sure, even if she never even opened her mouth.

    I'm anxious to see tonight's show (doesn't start for a while yet here in Mountain Time) - I'm finding it entertaining. It's fun. Lots of money for charity, and otherwise no harm done, in my opinion - even if Lou and Lisa are imploding. They'll be 110% fine after it's all done.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 4/1/2012 episode 7 - WALKING PAPERS 8 PM Eastern

    Disappointed that Arsenio did not shut Awwwwwwwwbreeeeeeeeee down instantly.
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