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Thread: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    Few points:

    1. Were they supposed to judge the winner on the book or the performance. The reason I say that was because you could tell the kids enjoyed the women's performance more than the men's. The books, yes the men's was the clear winner, but it was confusing IMHO what was supposed to be the bigger scoring event here.

    2. Lisa was doomed - she was right in a few cases, but the two she brought in were going to tear her to shreds.

    3. Seriously - Donald, Marlee is deaf, she probably wouldn't bother really with anyone in music unless they also act. She most likely wouldn't know that Dionne was a star for that reason. (This BTW is not a slant on Marlee, she could've done research on music for interest, but if you can't hear, you wouldn't spend money necessarily on music). I actually thought it was rather rude and ignorant on Donald's part myself.

    4. Speaking of Marlee - I liked the fact she stood up for herself and her idea. She may not have won, but at least she stood up for it. I did like her idea myself, because kids are so interested in things such as sign language at the age they were targeting. I have kids ages 4 and 5 interested in fused glass and making it, but I tell them they have to be at least 18 before they try because it's very dangerous and hot. Doesn't stop them from asking (sometimes for 1/2 hour).

    5. It was worth it to see Canseco and Hatch have to dress up as women.

    6. If I were Trump, I'd targeted Starr and Dionne's insistence on having their names on the book. He really didn't push much on the fact that they were willingly taking credit for the bad book, but instead went after Lisa.

    Mind you, I'm by no means a fan of Lisa; however, I feel she was treated rather poorly in this boardroom. I don't think they did a proper analysis of what was going down in the boardroom.

    Next week is going to be very interesting - I really am wondering what Busey will do. (BTW, they mentioned an accident - was he really in an accident or did he have severe issues with drug/alcohol abuse? I think he's doing well in spite of all that, but I'm really confused by this odd behavior. Though I will say - at least he's realizing he has/had a problem and is getting/got help. Can't say that for other actors.)
    Gary Busey was in a Motorcycle accident, He wasn't wearing a helmet and almost died. The accident caused his eccentric behavior.
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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Here's hoping the men eat Starr alive when they integrate the teams. There are really 2 types of women: Alpha females and girls girls. Trump usually puts a lot of alphas in the cast ant throws them all together to prove women can't get along without getting mean and catty.

    For me the stars so far are John Rich, Mark McGrath, and Little John. I love the arrogance that is John Rich. I loved how he saw the rhyming comment as a challenge to do it and do it well. To me, he was tonight's all star. He also raised the most money last week according to Hatch. So I think he's a force to be reckoned with. I also think he's the type who can "handle" Starr. I really hope he's the one who takes her down.

    As for Lisa, she did blow it.

    1. She should not have bowed to the pressure and been PM.
    2. She should not have let Dionne push her into the theme. She seemed to want to use Marlee and signing and she should have stuck with that.
    3. She should have stood up for herself more in the boardroom.

    Dionne has shown me tonight a dismissive arrogant diva. And I agree with the person who said she disrespected Marlee. She did it more than once. She is a vile woman who I hope is gone soon. She basically said kids were too young to understand deaf. Has she been in a school in the last 20 years? They don't keep deaf kids separate anymore. Kids get exposure to children with disabilities daily and teaching them about them is the first step to acceptance. Dionne proved her ignorance there, and I really can't stand her now.
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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Nice to see Meat Loaf so excited and emotional for his win. Sounds like a great charity. I certainly liked their story better than the women's.

    Who knew Dionne Warwick was such a nasty piece of work? What the heck is her problem? She doled out attitude last week, but I dismissed it as stubbornness and ego. This week, she was just vile! I vaguely remember reading about her giving Burt Bacarach (sp?) trouble back in the day, but I am still surprised by just how rude she is.

    Sorry to say, Starr disgusted me as well, but not as much as Dionne. I had always been of the opinion that Starr was not as bad as many made her out to be. Well, I believe now that I was mistaken. She, Dionne, and NeNe were all very disingenuous. They wanted Lisa gone, they wanted her to fail, and then they claim they thought she'd be great and were shocked she flopped. Please. Lisa's fatal mistake, like David's, was not effectively fighting back. I would not have minded if all three women in the boardroom went home, honestly.

    Latoya, Marlee, Nikki, and the Playmate (name escapes me!) came across as the only reasonable females to me. NeNe wasn't too bad, but from watching RHA, I know it is just a matter of time before she acts like a mental case. As it is now, I think several of the men could make mince meat out of the women in a head-to-head competition at the end.

    Trump never ceases to amaze with his "logic" for firings. "You're the PM, you lost, your whole team wants you fired, so I have no choice." Heh. When the PM was Richard, the exact opposite was true. I was surprised he didn't keep Lisa around for further fireworks with Starr.
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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Lisa is a sweet woman and this show was not a good fit. I was impressed with her kindness and honesty. She looks fabulous with her lips reduced and what a body!

    Dionne. What a nasty old diva! Take a lesson from Diana Ross, Aretha, Barbara and many others who were and are far bigger stars than you. I was shocked to see her ignorance. She will last because she has the racial bond with Star, LaToya and Nene. The sweet pretty girls are their next target.

    Jose. What a horrible man! On the phone he wouldn't listen to the woman telling him where to get the props. He kept interrupting her to say how angry he was that he was sent to the wrong address! She had nothing to do with that; it was Meatloaf but he was caught up in the perceived injustice. I am surprised that Trump has him on the show given his history of beating his ex wive. He had a problem with Kloe's DUI but not this?

    LaToya. What is up with her? Very odd woman.

    Hysterical. The men asked Gary to be PM next week. Think they have an agenda?! Clearly they want him gone; he drives them nuts.

    I love this season because of all the irritating people!

    Star and Meatloaf are going to last a long time, he for his character and she for her tenacity and ability to fight.

    I didn't like either book! At that age, all they need is a message to be kind to one another with fun characters. They watch Barney. I don't think he still has a show but that is their speed.

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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Star and Dionne, get the **** over yourselves. Only you guys care about how good you are! It's one thing to disagree and think somebody is less than, but they were just rude about it.

    As somebody who can relate to Lisa Rinna in many ways from how she presented herself on the show (scattered but trying to make due with what she has, honest, not trying to attack 24/7, humility), what they did was more important than her not stepping up. You wanted her to do it, you wanted her to fail, and you WANTED control of the book. Don't try to say "Oh, you leaned on us." BS! Had they not been in charge they'd be whining "You didn't listen to my ideas" or Star saying "I won the last one, why didn't you give me more control?". They are control freaks with an agenda, pure and simple. They both wanted to step up and get the credit, but when it backfires, well don't bring that up, instead just point the finger in another direction and to quote V, "We stay on the offense and we don't stop until we've won.". They are bad apples for team morale. They took somebody was unsure but a nice person and just had a field day. That isn't right. Lisa should have made the point that they have ulterior motives, and in a team game, keeping the team on equal footing helps in the long run to minimize friction and waste of time. Yes, she was bad, and she owns that. They can't even own their own mistakes!

    And Star needs to watch her mouth - claiming she wanted to be leader again and that she can do it so well... then why weren't you the leader this episode too!?

    This is like a stupid version of Survivor. Instead of getting out the bad apple (Russel), they gang up on the innocent one who is trying but can't measure up to a couple who demand perfection and nothing else.

    God I hate this season. I very rarely quit shows of any kind, but I feel compelled to quit this one already. Trump is as predictable as possible and clearly his decisions are to keep drama on the show at any cost. He is the core weakness of the show. If "fight" is all you're looking for, get into boxing. At least shows with farce judging like Top Model, well Tyra orchestrates ridiculous challenges as well. Start to finish it's unrealistic. Don't take a good idea and then dumb it down when it comes to the serious part (who leaves).
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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Starr and Dionne are bullies plain and simple. They think that pretty girls are dumb and useless, but they get under their skin, and they just cannot stand to be around them. Nikki and the playmate will be next. I hate egos, but Trump has the biggest one around so it is no wonder that he keeps these people around. I would love for Mark, Lil John, country guy, Nikki, and Marlee to be the last ones, but I no that will never happen because Trump is a narcissist and he loves others who mirror him because everyone has to be like him.

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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired View Post
    ...Dionne...basically said kids were too young to understand deaf. Has she been in a school in the last 20 years?...
    Has she been in the *world* in the last 20 years? Why was there the assumption that there wouldn't be kids in the audience who weren't fluent in (or interested in) ASL -- or any other language, for that matter?
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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by MHcarrollton View Post
    Starr and Dionne are bullies plain and simple. They think that pretty girls are dumb and useless.
    Pretty girls? That would be open to individual interpretation.

    Anyway, I'll always love me some Star...she's a straight-shooter, and I'm all about shooting it straight. No pussy-footing around just plain old telling it like it is. She doesn't sit on her opinions and views to coddle those that don't have enough backbone to deal with her directness. She's no push-over, and won't be talked down to by ANYONE--my kind of gal. And she's dead-on in what she said last night. Being there to earn money for their specific charities is a matter to be taken seriously, and that's why she's there. She's 'ain't there to make nice. And, really, as much as I didn't appreciate them, what appeared to be, "bullying" Lisa, I am honestly surprised. I've seen Lisa here and there on other shows and she doesn't appear to have a problem speaking her mind elsewhere. Why so passive on the Apprentice?

    Dionne on the other hand, is a flat-out pest. Other than being difficult for the sake of being difficult, she really doesn't serve much of a purpose. She comes across as a cranky old woman.
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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Any guesses as to what this was about? YIKES!

    "Since the show wrapped, there's been no love lost between Star and Lisa," one of the contestants tells me [PopEater writer Rob Shuter]. "Things got so ugly between them that NBC legal had to get involved."

    I'm told that Mark Burnett Productions and the Trump Organization had to step in and get the network involved during Lisa's short stint on the show. Both sides aren't talking about what sparked legal's attention.
    Lisa Rinna and Star Jones Got 'Ugly' Behind the Scenes of 'Apprentice' | PopEater.com

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    Re: March 13, 2011 Show Thread **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by MHcarrollton View Post
    Why doesn't Donald just pick the biggest bunch of jerks he can find and let them into a boxing ring. This is a bloodbath. Lisa was absolutly right kindness is in short form in this world anymore. I am so sick of people covering up their attitudes with I am a winner mantra. I would take losing from time to time to being known as a jerk.
    I guess the point is the public would rather watch a blood bath and a free for all. It's kind of like Rome and the coliseum,w with the crowd cheering on enthusiastically as the Christians are being torn apart by lions.
    This show isn't really about who makes the best business apprentice , it's not really about winning money for charities it's about mixing in jack wagons like Hatch and Nene with more rational nice people and then watching the results-the NeNes and Hatch's of the world bullying and beating their way to the top at the expense of others while the Emperor Trump looks on with glee.
    A real businessman wouldn't go near an unrepentant ex-con like Hatch (whose still wrangling over his refusal to pay taxes) . Trumps objective and only objective is to get high ratings using the tried and true method of keeping on as many drama kings and queens as possible.
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