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Thread: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Didn't like how the women went in on each other before the winner was announced. I believe you save all of those fireworks for when you need them and don't allow the major cracks in your team to show before that if you can at all help it.

    I will miss Goldberg, mainly because he was the one person I believed wanted to smack the Trump men more than the viewers do. Don Jr. made that comment about hiding or laying low and Goldberg look like he wanted to rip his eyebrows off.

    The Trump men are so pompous, Ivanka is far more likeable. That Don Jr. is quickly becoming a clone of his dad.

    All in all, I am not sure that Goldberg would not have gone home last night regardless-unless one of the men made a super major mistake. He was the only one left who had not been PM. While this is a task that he should have passed on, had he done so the fact that he never stepped up would have become a huge issue. Only thing that would have saved him either way last night was a win.

    It seems that there are a lot of tasks that play to the strengths of the artists on the show this season. Perhaps it simply feels that way because Brett has been front and foremost on his team and Cyndi's drama and how they have failed to utilize her at times has been featured as well.
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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by MsDiva2007;3880063;
    Ok I am not sure why it is fair that Sharon can take so much time off and not get the boot or grief from The Donald. It's not fair for those who have been there the whole time.
    If it makes you feel any better, I highly doubt she wins for that exact reason. I mean, what would they include in the clip package if she won? She hasn't even been PM yet and she's missed like 3 or 4 weeks, right? And in the weeks she was there she was still sick and didn't do too much. Sharon is actually one of my faves personality wise but things don't look too good for her. She might get kept around for the soundbites but she probably won't make final 2. I see her placing around fourth or fifth.

    Cyndi is my absolute favorite but I can't see her winning either. She's being edited as way too out there and over the top. Even Joan last season despite being over the top was shown as being a bit more business savvy. Cyndi is shown as having horrible communication skills and it's such a trainwreck to watch. I imagine she'll be kept around for the final episode though as she's the biggest celebrity. Maybe she'll get third or fourth.

    Unfortunately I think this might be Holly's game to lose. Despite being arrogant she's always on the ball and has had some good winners quotes. Anyone remember when Sharon said they were as boring as watching icebergs melt? Holly said something like "I'm not here for personality, I'm here to win money for my charity." I hope she doesn't win though as I can not stand her as she has a way of making everything that comes out of her mouth sound so much more important than anything anyone else has to say.

    I think the best competition to possibly beat her out is Maria. She's been shown as business savvy as well and won as PM. I think she's knowledgeable about the game as well as she isn't afraid to argue a point or throw someone under the bus. This could hurt her though as I think it did with Cyndi in this past episode. Maria's problem as I see it is that she always has to have an important role so she can be praised for it later on. She seems to have trouble just sitting back and being a workforce that doesn't get the attention. Still, I do like her.

    Bret and Curtis are still in the running I suppose. Despite having losing records, that didn't stop Joan from beating Annie out last season. It should be interesting to watch.

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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I couldn't agree more. I actually made a comment during the show that I thought they made her look too much like Faith Hill.
    When Cyndi cam back and we saw what they had done with her, that was my immediate thought: Faith Hill!

    But what Cyndi was trying to do with her was something a little edgier: not your typical country music blonde, but a slightly retro 60s Bardot version. I think that was very, very smart. In the first place, it works with the girl's looks. In the second place, it works with her playful personality. Thirdly, it differentiates her while keeping her close enough to something the country music audience will recognize and accept. And lastly, it positions her for crossover, as does her music.

    I was picking Sharon for the win, but now I'm thinking Curtis is a possibility. He's actually a good manager. I had grown to really like Goldberg, but he didn't seem to be doing much. Bret is talented, but he needs Curtis to manage him. Together they are a superb team.
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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Poor guys... their singer was almost actively working AGAINST them. This one episode did more to ruin his image than the guys did to polish it up. Luke seemed like his own worst enemy.

    Emily worked with the team, she actually looked willing to cooperate with the people around her.

    The edit looked very much in favor of Emily, from the song to the applause at the end of the performance... this one was all about Emily.

    As for the women... they were vicious, Holly didn't have anything positive to say about Cyndi... anything. Holly sounded sour and mean-spirited.

    Maria... I get her frustration, I get why she's dissapointed, but I also get why this was Cyndi's thing and why Maria got shut out on a couple of occasions. Maria already has her voice and identity, but not yet the outside view on various other areas.

    Cyndi knows her stuff, because Cyndi, as well as Sharon have the experience to look beyond their own looks and voices. They are a lot more mature about their areas of expertise... a maturity that Maria doesn't have. Maria would have made Emily into something like a clone of Maria. Cyndi and Sharon looked outside of themselves for inspiration.

    Maria can't set herself over that little obstacle that is her very definite visual preferences.
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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I am very sad that the women won the task last night.

    I didn't want to see any of the men go home but they got stuck (or chose) the wrong country star to tansform. Yes, he could sing but that's all he had going for him and HE lost the task for the guys.

    I really want Holly to go home. Can't stand anything about her.

    I can't believe I'm saying this but Brett just may end up being the winner. He's really been instrumental in most of the tasks. I don't think he ever sat back, kept quiet, and blended into the woodwork.

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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I'm not sure why that male singer (forget his name) wanted to be on the show since he wasn't interested in much of a makeover at all.

    Emily West is cute but she sang her entire song without opening her eyes once?! I thought her song choice was a downer.

    Cyndi Lauper... She's very prickly, isn't she? She should check her cereal more often.

    > The Trump men are so pompous, Ivanka is far more likeable. That Don Jr. is quickly becoming a clone of his dad.

    The only difference between Sr and Jr is Jr doesn't get angry and doesn't swear.

    Trump has found lame reasons to fire people two weeks in a row. Goldberg should not have been fired for manning up. The result would have been the same if Brett had been the Project Manager. There's nothing that Michaels was not allowed to do that he wanted to do.

    Maria has some harsh words for Cyndi even if they weren't delivered in anger. Not sure if she shouldn't have said them, however. Cyndi needs to mellow as she gets older. Always seems like there's a bee in her bonnet.
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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I thought that last night was unfair in that the guy seemed completely unwilling to work with the men and did not take their advice. When it came down to it - the press kit was the one thing that each team had total control over and the guys clearly won that.

    I actually think this is Curtis' game to win. He knows how to run things and delegate well. He does what is asked of him and doesn't clash with the others - at all. Only once has someone suggested he be fired and that was the idiot Rob who was just looking for anyone but him to throw under the bus. If he makes it to the Final 4- he will interview well with the people Trump brings in to help him make his decision for the Final 2 - and then Curtis will rock on the Event planning - that's what he does. Everyone likes him and anyone brought back to help with the task will work hard for him.

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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I thought Cyndi was being a bit rude, but she's been taking crap from those three since day one, so if she's a defensive and prickly, I'm not really surprised. Those three girls have a really horrible superiority problem, and Cyndi KNEW this was her thing, and wasn't going to take any bs from them. I say good for her.

    I've liked Maria to this point but that sour look on her face while Cyndi was directing the photography was hilarious and ridiculous. I think Cyndi should have got them to do the press packet (bio and layout). Keep them busy with something and off her back. The press packet sucked anyhow.

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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I am surprised Cyndi didn't bust out her white board. I think the women had an advantage in Emily loving Cyndi before the team picked her. I am not sure Luke knew who any of the guys were.

    Goldberg was unfortunately the only choice to go home. Why did he need to go with Curtis? They had a stylist and they used Cutis' clothes- it is not like they went shopping. He could have stayed behind and done sometthing that could have made a difference.

    OT: I watched the pilot for 21 Jump Street this weekend. I forgot that Holly sang the theme. While watching the show, I remembered that I didn't like her in the 80s either. Her character tried to be a tough girl and it just came off all wrong. HRP comes off the same way on this show 20+ years later.
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    Re: 4/18 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Cyndi did come off as bossy on this episode, but I'm glad she is FINALLY saying what's on her mind and calling people out if she deems it necessary. She could have done a better job delegating responsibility, and I can understand her teammates frustration with that, but she was also a lot more assertive with this task than her last time as PM because this is her bread and butter.

    Holly might have "been around the block" and she might be a singer in her own right, but Cyndi has far more knowledge about creating an image for music and then marketing it. It's not even up for debate. And if you need a second opinion in that regard, you're going to ask Sharon Osbourne over Maria, as would anybody else in their right mind.

    Sad to see Goldberg go though. He did impress me more than I thought he would. Starting to think that Summer might be a quiet contender for this. She seems to be the only one besides Curtis who's able to take direction, yet also step up and win as PM, not to mention that her previous TV work with NBC for the Olympics probably won't hurt either.

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