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Thread: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    the show is 1/2 over here (MDT) - so I haven't read all the posts yet -I just want to say - I love Bret Michaels! He's a lil trooper. I love his attitude of sharing the work - but I think I mostly like the way they show every time he rolls his eyes at Rod.

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    YIPPEE!! Blago is gone!

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*


    Blago keeps digging himself deeper and deeper . . .

    And BLAGO IS GOONNNNNNNEE!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I've had that cough virus thing that Sharon has and believe me, it lasts for at least two weeks. TERRIBLE tickle way down in your throat where you just have to cough-- especially if you talk alot or get hot. One of those embarrassing mucousie sounding coughs! No cough suppressant seems to work, just time. Or at least from what I've found out. I really feel sorry for her for having this bug while in the middle of the show!

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I do not really think Trump wanted to fire Bret, just to have some sort of drama for the firing. It was obvious that he had no choice but Rod. I do think that Michael needs an attitude adjustment though. The right person left because he was pretty lazy and useless for this type of show, but really Goldberg was not told what to do, but was working. Michael and Curtis could have taken it upon themselves to do something more.

    Sharon is sick fine we get it, but she has no place staying. Bring back the lady that got fired who can work, and is not sick. Three tasks now she has been sick, not her fault, but not fair to sit and do nothing.

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I'm almost sorry to see Blago go because I would enjoy seeing him continue to make an even bigger fool of himself than he is. Now I have nobody to boo except Holly. I am not crazy about Michael and his self important attitude either and let's not forget he was the losing PM last week. Why exactly did he get to choose the PM ? Curtis seems to be just a pretty face I like Brett, and the wrestler on the men's team.

    The women have a good team ( except Holly) ... Sharon is sharp, and I think Cyndi is terrific. I was not a fan of her as a "songstress" ... I loved that line ... but I think she is great in these challenges for a very important reason ... she has heart.

    OK ... enough.

    Bye, Bye, Birdbrain.
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I was disappointed with Erin Burnett's cheap shot. Who does she think she is? Carol Burnett? It wasn't funny; she should stick to her day job. She didn't dress very well, either; why the unbuttoned white shirt? Sharon cutting down Holly Robinson Peete saying she couldn't be funny if she tried was below the belt.
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by KeepItReal;3869687;
    I thought the same thing about Sharon and her accent, but at the rate she drops "F" bombs they may have been a little nervous.
    That's what I thought too - she does try to keep her language toned down when she's around kids and on regular TV, but they STILL drop. And given this is a reality show that is business related, that'd be bad for a business to cuss all the time.

    There were three other things I noticed - one is a loved and one a question:

    1. Loved that Sharon was wearing a Slytherin cape - they're the group seen as the evil ones.

    2. Apparently the men's team only gave one kid Slytherin title and the others Griffendor. Never mind there are two other houses - Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and they could've varied it up. I don't read the books and even I know this much of the series.

    3. Why are people saying on the show that Blago is still the governor of Illinois? He was impeached for sure, and I'm pretty sure they fired him as well. The "Celebrity Apprentice" season was filmed after this, so it's very confusing.

    I'm just glad he's gone and he was stupid enough to not put in Bret Michaels even with Trump's insisting. Besides, Michaels' being fired would be unfair - I think he did a better job overall than Blago.

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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    I'm very happy that Bret is still here - though there's no way I thougt they'd get rid of him.
    However, I will miss Blago. The guy is perfect for Reality TV. He's Reality TV gold. Michael is pretty boring. While I like te guy, I would have preferred to see Rod who's way more entertaining .
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    Re: 4/4 Show Discussion *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock;3869805;
    Why are people saying on the show that Blago is still the governor of Illinois? He was impeached for sure, and I'm pretty sure they fired him as well. The "Celebrity Apprentice" season was filmed after this, so it's very confusing.
    I don't get it, either, that they keep calling him "the Governor." Yeah, I guess as a nickname, but I wish they'd say "Gov" instead, as the guy is a slimeball and not deserving of the title. (Though I get the impression that he's Trump's w**-dream politician. ) I don't think the same etiquette is involved as that with the U.S. President, who get called "President XXX" for life. But what do I know?
    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere;3869809;
    . . . Blago. The guy is perfect for Reality TV. He's Reality TV gold.
    There's no denying that! Wonder how he'd be in any given reality show with Survivor's Boston Rob, Johnny Fairplay, and The Bachelor's Vienna?
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