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Thread: Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

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    Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

    Last week, Gene showed us that he was not handsome and powerful enough to become the next (only?) Celebrity Apprentice, and we were treated to a visit from an actual celebrity- Alec Baldwin! We start off tonight’s episode hearing Piers tell Nely that Trump really wanted to fire her and Gene gave her a reprieve. Nely is pleased that Gene respects her so much, and maybe Donald Trump doesn’t like her, but Gene Simmons sure does. Sadly, Gene is not selecting the winner of this competition, so I don’t know how much good that “respect” is going do for her. Jennie enters the suite and tells everyone that Trump fired both Omarosa and Gene, and then to everyone’s disappointment, Omarosa jumps out to show them all that is was a joke.

    Since Tito was the Project Manager of the winning team last week, his selected charity is getting a large donation. Tito meets with some representatives and an adorable little girl from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and presents them with a check. The little girl presents him with a hand-drawn thank you card, and the whole thing is very sweet and touching.

    This had better mean we’re going to see some wrestling!

    The wannabee Apprentices meet outside the Boardroom to hear about the next challenge, and they are met by Trump, Ivanka and Vince McMahon. Interesting! I can only assume that this means the contestants will be … actually I have no idea what the contestants could be doing that would involve Vince McMahon in any way. Maybe some sort of Celebrity Wrestling Match? I don’t know. Oh wait, they have to sell tickets to Broadway shows, and the team that makes the most money will win the challenge. Huh. I still don’t understand what this has to do with Vince McMahon.

    The teams will each send two representatives to a negotiation session to select the 4 plays that they will be selling tickets for. Since Vinnie will soon be starring on Broadway in Chicago, Hydra selects him as their Project Manager. Marilu is a 6 time Broadway veteran, so she steps up as PM for Empresario.

    The teams will have a ticket booth and two hours to sell their tickets. At the end of the day, one team will be declared the winner, and someone from the losing team will be sent home.

    Negotiation is not about lies!
    Marilu is very confident about this challenge because she knows how Broadway works, and she can use her connections to win this task. She selects Omarosa as the other negotiator, and they work to decide which shows they want to sell tickets for.

    Over on Team Hydra, Piers and Stephen are bickering about stupid stuff. Stephen tries to speak and Piers gives him a speech about how speeches waste their time. Vinnie tries to figure out the rules for the challenge, but Piers won’t give him his own copy and then declares that every day in this competition is like an ego trip. I’m not sure if he’s referring to his own ego, or to the egos of his teammates, but the statement fits for either situation.

    It’s negotiation time! Marilu and Omarosa face off against Vinnie and Lennox, and Vinnie starts off the negotiation by telling the women that he is going to be gentlemanly and allow them to pick two plays. Marilu and Omarosa gleefully pick their top two choices, and Vinnie tells them that he didn’t mean they could have those plays, he just told them to pick two. Omarosa tells him that this is not the way negotiation is done, and that he’s going to learn something from her today. Oh, and she’s kind of dressed as a dominatrix, so I don’t know if she’s going to stop at teaching him lessons about negotiation. Eventually, Empresario gets Avenue Q, Hairspray, Spring Awakenings and Curtains, and Team Hydra gets Spamalot and three others.

    Seriously… personal space ships.
    While the negotiation is going on, Nely takes out her little black book and starts calling around to all her successful female friends to try to set up some advance sales. In Hydra’s headquarters, Piers lectures Stephen about using his celebrity to sell tickets to his celebrity connections. Stephen thinks that they need to focus on selling tickets, period, and then tells Piers that he needs to remember the word “Boomerang,” and that’s now his nickname. Now, I don’t know if I’m just not paying close enough attention or if the cold I have is addling my brain, because I can’t figure out what that means. Stephen goes on to tell us that he is just as smart as Piers, but not smarter, and he knows that Piers is only trying to throw everyone off balance because he wants to win the competition.

    While Stephen is making statements about how smart he is, Piers gets on the phone to his good friend from England, Richard Branson. Branson takes a few moments away from designing personal space ships to tell him that Virgin Atlantic will purchase $10,000 worth of theater tickets, and all the sudden, Stephen and Piers are best friends again. The two pals laugh about how they can say the most horrible things to each other, and 20 minutes later everything is just peachy between them.

    Niles to the rescue!
    Trace, Vinnie and Lennox head out to find their ticket booth and get started. Trace comments that he doesn’t know a lot of rich people, but if someone would give him a phone he could call around and maybe get some money in.

    The women reach their booth in a flurry of excitement. Marilu is so happy to be back on Broadway, although “in front of Broadway” might be a more honest statement. She has contacted the producers for all of Empresario’s plays, and has managed to get all sorts of marketing materials to decorate the booth with. The ladies sell, sell, sell. Nely makes some big sales to her contacts, and Marilu uses her celebrity a little bit to call in a favor and get David Hyde Pierce (star of Curtains) to make an appearance. She doesn’t seem to know what to do with him once he’s there, but at least she got him to show up!

    As Hydra’s PM, Vinnie makes some good decisions. First, he gives Stephen a megaphone so that he can yell at passersby and tell them that there are celebrities selling tickets in the booth, and then he convinces Piers to dress up as King Arthur from Spamalot, and walk the stretch in front of the booth to sell tickets. Someone finally gives Trace a phone so that he can use his music connections to bring in a check for $5000, and Piers uses his fame in Britain to coerce British people into buying show tickets at inflated prices.

    Maybe the supermodel should not be behind the counter.
    Jennie and Carol are not having fun in Empresario’s booth. They’re both stuck inside, and Jennie seems to be struggling a little taking money from people. Omarosa leans in and asks her (in front of a whole slew of customers) if she can help her, and Jennie comments to us that she’s unhappy because she’s not able to use her assets and leadership skills when she’s stuck in the booth.

    Vince McMahon arrives to check things out, and Marilu says the first thought she had when she saw him was that he was really cute. Vince may or may not think Marilu is cute as well- he doesn’t really say anything about it. He does say that David Hyde Pierce is not being used properly after he finds out from David that he’s been standing beside the booth for a half hour and hasn’t moved and isn’t really talking to anyone.

    The clock is running out, and both teams are waiting for some sizable sales that they begged their connections for. Piers is waiting for the Virgin Atlantic reps, and Nely is waiting for one of her friends that she sent away in order for her to get a cashier’s check. It comes down to the wire, and Piers is getting really anxious and sweaty, when two women in very stylish flight attendant uniforms show up with the check, (I’m not being sarcastic here- these ladies looked sharp), and Hydra has $10,000 more for their till.

    Sometimes dressing up like a clown works!
    It’s Boardroom time again! Everyone takes their seats, and Trump asks Marilu if her team won. She is very confident that they won this thing, and can’t see how the men could possibly have beaten them. Vinnie seems less confident, and Ivanka calls him out by asking if he thinks Hydra didn’t win because he knows they could have done things differently. He doesn’t really answer, but I think mumbles something like “Bada bing.” Piers is positive that Hydra won and tells Trump about the check from Virgin Atlantic. Stephen also thinks they won, and that they sold more tickets than Empresario. The women had David Hyde Pierce, but when Trump asks if he was utilized properly, Marilu says yes, but Vince McMahon steps in and says that they definitely did not use their star as they should have.

    Trump tells Ivanka and Vince McMahon to give the results, and they reveal that Hydra has won once again, but only by just over $1500, which is pretty good for Empresario considering their track record. Trump asks Marilu if she thinks Empresario is overmatched and she says yes in terms of celebrity. Piers announces that celebrity had nothing to do with Hydra’s win, (which I have to disagree with, because for some reason Richard Branson never takes my calls), and that they just worked hard and sold more. Omarosa derisively tells Piers that he dressed up as a clown and he corrects her, telling her that he was dressed as a character from one of the shows he was promoting. Vinnie cuts in and talks about how great Piers was as a barker, and I think that Omarosa should just shut up already since her team lost the challenge, and she does not really have any room to belittle or criticize. The men head upstairs where they pop open bottles of champagne, Tito takes off his shirt, and Vinnie kisses everybody.

    And once again…
    Trump tells the women that he is embarrassed for them, and I kind of am too. He asks Carol what happened, and she tells them that Empresario just sold fewer tickets than Hydra. Really? Is that how that worked, Carol? Marilu says that she doesn’t know what happened, but on their team, members either take a backseat, or they want to have too much control over the situation. Omarosa comments that many of these women have just realized that they are businesswomen, but they don’t really know how to do it. Then, she and Carol get into an argument about Carol’s abilities and Omarosa’s bitchiness, Marilu selects Carol and Jennie to come back to the Boardroom with her and Trump fires Jennie. I know that was a little abrupt, but this is the 4th week we’ve had the same Boardroom, so I don’t feel like details are really necessary.

    Tune in next week for a shocking celebrity scandal!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

    Piers announces that celebrity had nothing to do with Hydra’s win, (which I have to disagree with, because for some reason Richard Branson never takes my calls)
    he doesn't take mine either...

    Great Recap!!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

    I think Vince Macmahon was chosen for this episode because he is The king of promotion. Vince has managed to get money out of me yearly for wrestling events for more than 15 years and $300 bucks for a Wrestlemania event. So hawking tickets is Vince's specialty and he was a perfect fit for this episode.

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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

    Great recap SEM
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

    Great recap, SEM!

    I'm wondering who is going to do all the crap jobs if they continue to target those stepping up to those tasks?? I would love to see O or Nely doing something dull the whole time, instead of being in the limelight.

    I think Trump had it right, Jennie is a fierce competitor on the field, but she was too young and inexperienced in fighting corporate battles. I still wanted Nely/O outta there.
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

    This had better mean we’re going to see some wrestling!
    Great recap, SEM!
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    Re: Celebrity Apprentice 1/24 Recap: Vince McMahon Knows Broadway

    Thanks for a great recap, SEM - I missed bits and pieces of the show. Darn it, so really wasn't any wrestling?

    Excellent job, as usual.
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