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Thread: Who's Left

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    Who's Left

    Who is left that you think Trumpy will choose?

    I cannot stand Frank and do not understand how Trumpy can tolerate him. James - ewww
    Heidi - Trumpy has given her too much grief
    Kristine - doubtful
    Stefani - flying under the radar - what DOES she do in any of these projects

    Heaven help us if he chooses Nicole over Tim.. or Tim over Nicole! However, that WOULD make a GREAT finale!!

    No one is standing out to me. Can it end without a winner??

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    I have been watching this show very little this season. I have been keeping up here on the FORT. Are Tim and Nicole the showmance?
    If so, and from what I read, Trump is "into" the showmance so I can see him having these for the final 2. He's probably hoping for a proposal along the lines of Rob and Amber from Survivor All Stars.

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    Oh you know you are right...I really can't imagine which one of this bunch can actually be the 'apprentice'. I think that Heidi or Kristine, may be the best choices of the bunch. I really don't like, neither do I think that Trump will be able to tolerate Frank, James or Nicole. Stefanie and Tim are okay. I hope I am right about this...I am really thinking Heidi may be the one, if it were up to me. Even though she has been on a losing team for the past few tasks, she seems most normal, promising, and capable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baxpup;2297686;
    Who is left that you think Trumpy will choose?
    Stefani - flying under the radar - what DOES she do in any of these projects
    All i know about Stefani is the she is an excellent speaker, aside from that we don't really see on tv what she does. But she was partly the reason why they won the Lexus Challenge though, she was the one who did the organization of the event.

    I think James has a good shot at winning, he's doing everything right so far, I just hope he's not always loud, he's like only .5 below Frank in terms of decibels generated.

    Stefani has a good shot too.
    Kristine is way too soft-spoken, James totally annihilated her in 3/25's show.
    Heidi - potential winner too but I get an arrogant vibe from her for some reason.

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    I think it will come down to James vs Stefani or Heidi. I think the final four will be James, Christine, Frank, & Heidi. I see Tim & Nicole being the next two fired.

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    right... Trump is the King of all women..even the ones he doesn't want.. He will get rid of Tim and Nicole.

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    In my opinion, the Kinetic women had been deteriorating in terms of performance. I see Arrow's dynamic charging towards the final 4, it'll be no surprise if the winner of this season turns out to be an Arrow member.

    My preferance for Final 4 - Heidi, James, Tim and Stephanie, and a showdown between James and Heidi would be splendid. I wished that Steph would step up soon as well. Dang.
    All Hail Omarosa

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    Heidi, because of what we've seen. Trump is playing the "you are a former superstar" card so often it almost seems like an act to make her seem like she's not a favorite anymore. Then again, she HAS to step up and insist on being her team's next PM. She's waited too long to step up again. Despite her seeming side career as a "hot chick in movies" (see her topic for details), she also appears to have some real solid corporate experience--especially in Sales.

    Stephani because of what we haven't seen. She plays close to the vest and she's been edited so we know very little about her. That in of itself is frequently suspicious on a Burnett reality show. And if you look at her credentials, she appears to be quite impressive--Trump likes lawyers, PLUS she's a Psych major, as well as having a second major in English. She's a bit light in corporate experience, of course.

    Kristine as a possible. Another lawyer. A former model, which is not a downside to the likes of Trump. Her legal area is sports and entertainment licensing and mergers and acquisitions, which is all stuff which is valuable to Trump.

    On the other hand, for all that he comes off as an ass, apparently James is a self-made multi-millionaire, which Trump might like. And Frankie Two Times is in Real Estate, another thing Trump thinks of as a valuable area.

    Looking at them though, Heidi is actually the one with the most managerial experience, although her bio says its only a year. Unless you count being a senior lawyer, like Kristine, and leading legal teams as management experience.

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    Trump needs a girl to win. IMHO, it will be down to Heidi, Kristine, or Stafani. Kristine doesn't seem to need much airplay so I wonder if the editing is holding back because she comes down to final 2.

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    Sadly when i saw this title.. I thought it was asking Who is left watching.. lol
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