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Thread: Trump Vs. McMahon - Again

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    Trump Vs. McMahon - Again

    Trump Challenges McMahon

    Battle of the Billionaires begins on Special RAW® This Thursday on

    USA Network (8-10 pm ET)

    STAMFORD, Conn., February 13, 2007— Last night during the taping of RAW®, business icon Donald Trump may have overstepped his bounds when he challenged mogul Vince McMahon to a hair match that will take place at WrestleMania® 23 in Detroit on April 1 live on Pay-Per View.

    “It looks like Trump and McMahon will settle everything at WrestleMania 23 and Trump may get a haircut after it is all over,” said one excited WWE fan.

    WWE Monday Night RAW® featuring Donald Trump’s WrestleMania 23 challenge to Vince McMahon will air during a special Thursday Night edition of WWE Monday Night RAW on USA Network (8-10 pm ET/PT).

    The two billionaires have been feuding for weeks, after Trump upstaged McMahon on WWE fan appreciation night by dumping thousands of dollars from an arena ceiling.

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    You gotta love an event that results in a new 'do for Donald.
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    Anything that makes him get rid of that ridiculous hair is fine with me!

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    This is to take place on April 1st? Interesting choice of date. I don't see Trump going bald, he takes pride in the fame of his trademark bad hair...

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    Yeah, the chances of Trump going bald is 0%. It will look like Trump's wrestler(s) will lose but at the last second something crazy will happen and Trump will win.

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    lol, this is gonna sound weird...but I think Trump would look very attractive bald...looking at that photoshopped(?) picture, he is a cutie lol he looks like...ugh...what's his name...Demi Moore's ex husband...who recently went for the bald look as well...um...i cant think of it...but bald is definitely a good luck for guys...in my opinion *swoons* lol

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    Re: Trump Vs. McMahon - Again

    The match between Donald Trumph and Vince McMahon == 'loser shaves his head match' was a like a melodrama. I didn't get to watch it but found a copy of the video which I watched at home.

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