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Thread: 2/18 show discussion **spoilers**

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    It was so obvious that Aimee was going to get the cobra. Not only was she a crappy PM, she was also a sore loser (as was seen on her exit confessional). Good riddance!

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    Uh oh. What happens when I dislike EVERYONE?

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    I actually liked Frank this week. At least he took some initiative to make sales.

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    What a pile up on Sunday night! Not only do we have reality TV battling each other for viewers but Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters are in the mix, as well.

    Right now The Apprentice is a show for those with DVR's. I use both of mine to catch all of these shows.

    Last night was pretty dull and predictable. Being project manager is the kiss of death. Heidi survived and emerged looking pretty good, but only in the face of comparison.

    For cryin' out loud, sit down in the hot tub to kiss her, you looked like an ass playing hovercraft. They are golden for awhile, that is for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user name;2246999;
    This Spanish language thing is irrelevant. Nobody on the other team spoke it.
    Weren't they at a different mall? Presumably with a different clientele?

    I haven't been following this, but my observations from last night were:

    A) Jen should have been fired for deliberately withholding information from her PM in an obvious ploy to get her fired. (Kudos to the Trumplet for pointing that out.)
    B) Frank continues to be the most obnoxious loudmouth I've ever seen on TV. Well, except for that devil-ranting woman on Trading Spouses. And I've only seen her on the web.
    C) 330 or so to 350 or so is hardly the crushing defeat that Trump made it out to be. The reality is it was a virtual tie, and that was tremendous considering the Spanish language handicap.
    D) Can anyone tell the bottle blondes apart, except by whose highlights are more obvious?

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    This show is going downhill fast, even I don't care to watch it. Already knew halfway who would be going. Bye bye.

    The Apprentice just needs to take a breather and be on maybe once a year, not twice.

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    Frank's the kind of person who's a good salesman... and that's it.

    Being a project manager now pretty much is the kiss of death. This new rule of having to keep being project manager has its potential advantages, but the pitfalls suck worse than anything you can gain.

    It's unclear whether they were at different malls, but even if they were, they weren't so different that the other one would not have had significant hispanic customers, even if perhaps not 50%. The language barrier defense was clever, but it was grasping at straws. Aimee was a disaster last week, and she was just as bad this week.

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    This year has been a complete disaster IMO. The tasks haven't been difficult and there is no lovable loser or oddball. The tent twist is awful and there isn't the same interest on this site as past years.

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    None of the winning Apprentices throughout the years have been especially strong salespeople. They continue to get picked in the audition process because they tend to have strong personalities. The winners have all been dullards as far as personalities go, except perhaps for Sean, and to a lesser extent, Randall.

    Trump obviously likes to be the stand-out, personality-wise. Caroline, George, Ivanka, and Don Jr. are all terribly staid compared to the Donald. Trump so loves to be the wildman/clown of the group, he hates anyone who exhibits similar characteristics and tends to be very rough on them in the boardroom.

    This season is running true to form - the very dull ones go first (Martin was an exception, a clown who went very early), then the eccentrics, and only then do we finally get to the true contenders. I'd say that Surya and Frank, and possibly Derek and James, are in that second group. The men are weak this season, similar to season 3, when Kendra & Tana were the final two. It looks good for a woman to win again this year - Heidi and Muna are looking strong.
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