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Thread: 1/14 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    - Personally, I didn't like the pink print bathing suit, and didn't even think Carey looked all that good in it. Just my opinion though.

    - Also, wouldn't it have made sense to do some research into who the buyers were and who they were buying for as well as seeing what this designer's thrust is ? Even asking some of the beach folks to voice opinions before signing off on these might have helped.

    - I would have like to have seen a breakdown of what the top sellers were from both collections.

    - Disappointing episode overall. I like seing some of the work that goes into these tasks and the focus was on flesh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleocatra;2204931;
    Taking people to the Playboy mansion as a REWARD when you have a team made up of mainly women is dumb, how would the guys like to go to a performance of Chippendales as a reward?
    Give me a break!... Donald wanted to go to the Playboy mansion and he used the show as an excuse so Melania would ALLOW him to drag his tired old ass up there
    I was seriously disgusted by that reward. I'm not overly sensitive to sexually harassment, but seriously, taking business people to the playboy mansion seems really, really inappropriate.

    I agree Echo, If I wanted to see modelling I'd watch America's Next Top Model or at least Project Runway, we got to see almost no actual work being done on the project.

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    I would have thought that blanket immunity for the entire team next week was reward enough.
    Playboy mansion?
    Uh, thanks but no thanks. I'd have stayed home for that one.
    I actually thought the visit might have some potential once Hef's over-peroxided girlfriends made way for him to have a chat about how he staretd the business.
    Of course it wasn't long before they retired to the garden and we were bombarded by gratuitous cleavage shots.

    Another boring episode imo.
    This series is a stinker so far.

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    The whole show was about nothing but gratuitous skin shots. The "reward" to the Playboy mansion was beyond absurd. I'm sure the cameramen loved filming this particular segment, but I did not enjoy watching it. Blech! Then, you had Trump asking someone about his sexual orientation. Way to take things back to the dark ages.

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    I'm not enjoying this season either. I hate the tent idea and if I was on the show, I would have quit by now. That whole thing is just plain dumb! And I can't stand to watch the other team eavesdropping on them either. I don't like how Trump has the other teams leader *join* him in the boardroom. So far I don't like Heidi and she thinks she is *all that*- trying to be another Carolyn. She should just be there to observe, but keep the mouth shut. Her teams wins were not that impressive for her to have such a chip on her shoulder.

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    I don't like the tent idea, either, and I also don't like the PM of the winning team sitting in George's chair. Where is Bill Rancic? (Or, if they really want to create a buzz, they should put someone like Omarosa or Sam Solovey in that chair ) Why not? They're no less qualified than Heidi, and would certainly be better for ratings. I hate to say it, but I think this show may have jumped the shark. But, we'll see--it may get better.

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    This show is rather pathetic, so far. Now I can see why DT has been making such a clown of himself with the Rosie feud. I think he has removed all doubt as to who the fool is, with this show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrossingGuard;2204908;
    Yuck, Donald is gross!
    And have you noticed the abundance of beautiful (not beautiful, but BEAUTIFUL) ladies coming on the show? He's a guy and all, but the more beautiful women on the show the better.

    My wife and I were watching (during commercials on '24) and she asked me if they'd ever cast a heavy woman on "The Apprentice". I don't think that they have, but if someone on the board can remember one, I'd appreciate a response to tell the wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsqueeze;2205338;
    My wife and I were watching (during commercials on '24) and she asked me if they'd ever cast a heavy woman on "The Apprentice". I don't think that they have, but if someone on the board can remember one, I'd appreciate a response to tell the wife.
    Season 4 had so much beautiful women. They even had a paegent queen named Jennifer. I can't remember all the names, but yeah, there were a lot.
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    The more I think about the Playboy reward.. the more I donít think it was all THAT bad. Yeah as a female, I myself wouldn't be happy with it, however no matter what he does Heff is a business man and a rather successful one at that. I'd like to think Trump plans the rewards to help the teams gain some insight to business from seasoned vets. Heff made a lot of money on his own from nothing.
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