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Thread: Not watching

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetNuf;2196782;
    I wish he'd find a better advertising ploy. Sex tape worked for Paris.
    ACK!! Please noooooo!!... I don't want to go blind or turn into a pillar of salt!

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    In the middle of season 2, I read an article by one of the people who rented the refurbished apartment in season 1. Does anyone else remember that? She had already entered into a rental agreement with the original landlord, and whatever she signed to in front of the camera was completely not real. It was a pivotal moment in that challenge, and they made it look like that team pulled out a miraculous win at the last minute possible.

    After reading how thoroughly they manipulated it for the show, I really lost my taste for this show. How can it be a competition if the cards are completely stacked? Plus, Trump is just ridiculous. If I had all the money in the world to decorate, I wouldn't turn my apartment into that Rococo mess.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Reading your thoughts
    Yes, I remember that stink. Wasn't that also the Season of the Witch (O) ?
    That's when I stopped watching.

    Admit to taking a peak Sunday, last half-hour.

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    Thanks for the push

    You guys just convinced me that last night was my last giving this arrogent jerk any more of my time and energy! Caroline was one of his better people and with she and George out of the picture, there is no class left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat;2199082;

    After reading how thoroughly they manipulated it for the show, I really lost my taste for this show. How can it be a competition if the cards are completely stacked? Plus, Trump is just ridiculous. If I had all the money in the world to decorate, I wouldn't turn my apartment into that Rococo mess.

    I remember that hepcat and totally agree with you.... since then I havent watched with the same level of interest.
    It's kinda like if I'm home and the TV is on and it's already on the channel and Apprentice comes on I will listen to it and also do other things.

    And about his apartment I laughed out loud the first time i saw the interior!
    It is soooo over the top cheezy with so much GOLD LEAF it just made me sick.... good lord it reminded me of Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.
    I expect that type of decoration at the Queens crib but not in the home of a billionaire that can afford the finest decorators in the world and has an umlimited budget.

    If I was Melania I'd gut that apartment and redecorate

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    Trumps climb to the acme of arrogance is proceeding well. His bloated talk and posturing is stellar.

    He hires whoever he chooses from those fired anyway so choosing a winner is just the catalyst for this show to have and ending. It is about Trump on TV. His perk is not only face time but he snags a few devoted employees from the pool to further the name in the news game. This is fabulous TV is you adjust your expectations.

    His Palace de Versailles decor is hysterical. I have to think that the celebrities whose names he drops every chance he gets, must cringe and want to distance themselves.

    If this twist of the task leader taking the chair to his right remains it will be interesting. It is a tricky position because the teams will shuffle and one has to keep a balance of covering their ass and being good at guessing who Trump will fire. You certainly dont want anyone around whose firing you supported.

    Heidi is coming out of the gate strong, never a good position to be in. I am impressed, so far. She is beautiful so she is safe for a very long time.

    Frank is good drama so his position is secure for another few weeks.

    Trump loved Olympic Gold so she is in a sitting pretty. Well, unless someone gives him a heads up that white shoes with a black suit is a flagrant fashion error.

    This is going to be a good season because the tent idea is dumb, Trump has ramped up in the PR department and the women are more beautiful that previous seasons.

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    Trump 'Apprentice' ratings down

    LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Real estate tycoon Donald Trump's relocation to the West Coast for his latest edition of "The Apprentice" did little to bolster sagging viewer interest in his corporate-themed reality show.

    Returning to the airwaves following a highly publicized feud with talk show host and comedienne Rosie O'Donnell, Trump averaged a lackluster 9.1 million viewers for Sunday night's premiere of the sixth installment of "The Apprentice."

    That tally was down 600,000 viewers from last year's premiere of season five and marked the smallest audience yet for a season debut of Trump's show on NBC, ratings service Nielsen Media Research reported Monday.

    But the show's ratings among viewers aged 18 to 49, the prime-time audience segment advertisers prize most, grew slightly from last season's debut.

    Featuring a group of would-be Trump proteges vying for a high-ranking job in his business empire, "Apprentice" faces stiff competition this year in its new Sunday night time slot opposite the ABC hit "Desperate Housewives." That show ranked as the evening's most watched series on U.S. television with 18.6 million viewers.

    "Apprentice," which turned Trump into a TV star and introduced his signature catch phrase "You're fired," has steadily declined in the ratings since its first and most successful run in the spring of 2004. A spinoff starring lifestyle guru Martha Stewart flopped in 2005.

    Hoping to reignite the franchise, the series' location was moved for the first time this season from Trump's home base of New York City to the Los Angeles area.

    In another new twist, Trump's daughter and son, Ivanka and Donald Jr., have replaced his two older boardroom sidekicks, Carolyn Kepcher and George Ross. And members of the losing team from each week's competition are being banished from lavish guest quarters in a Hollywood Hills mansion to backyard tents.

    Trump made headlines during the past few weeks in a nasty war of words with O'Donnell, "The View" talk show host who mocked Trump on the air for his public rebuke of troubled beauty queen Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006. Trump fired back by threatening to sue O'Donnell and hurling such insults at her as "fat slob," "loser" and "despicable."

    Despite all the publicity leading up to Sunday's relaunch of Trump's show, the 90-minute broadcast ranked third in total audience during its time slot, starting off behind even a repeat of the Fox cartoon "Family Guy," though his viewership did gradually climb during the evening.

    NBC, a unit of General Electric Co. , did better on Sunday with the debut of a new reality-contest show, "Grease: You're the One That I Want," featuring aspiring stage performers competing for the lead roles in a Broadway revival of the 1970s hit musical.

    The launch of NBC's "Grease" drew 11.6 million viewers, a major improvement over the 8.1 million averaged weekly last year by the final season of "The West Wing."

    i have a feeling he's going to find a way to blame rosie for the poor ratings.

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    Trump is an egomaniac to the nth degree. His over-the-top arrogance and self-importance are laughable. But . . I love the show. Why? Well, I have a business degree, and have made a living in the world of business for a long time working for an assortment of business leaders as well as for myself.

    I enjoy seeing how the teams approach a task and how supposedly intelligent, well educated, experienced people in different fields can totally muck up the simplest assignment and have so much trouble managing others. It begs the questions . . Where did he get these people? How on earth did they get so far in their respective fields with their, quite often, obvious lack of ingenuity and leadership abilities? And, how low will they sink in their efforts to pander to and kiss Trump's backside.

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    Count me in as one who won't be watching this one past the premier. Not surprised by the low ratings at all, this one really sucks.

    It's not because of the Rosie feud or the LA location. The changes just make the show suddenly look like trash. Losing teams living in tents in the backyard of a mansion?? Viewers voting for someone to be exiled to the tent city?? It's pathetic and was not close to being entertaining. The candidates who supposedly all have these impressive resumes and/or educations, should be ashamed to see after epi 1 that they are really only there to be used and abused by Trump as he sees fit. And all that for a 1 year work assignment with him.

    No thanks, I can wait for The Amazing Race All-Stars in February. If Survivor Apprentice is still on the Sunday timeslot then, it will be blown away by TAR.
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    I'm watching only because I also rubber-neck at car crashes.


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