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Thread: Muna - Season 6

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    Muna was really irritating the prop makers, and not listening to the boss. He kept saying let me finish this, let me finish this and she would not shut it. She was really irritating on this task. There are times her detailed orientation is valuable as in the Lexus challenge and knowing the product. But she needs to know when to back off.
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    Agree. Muna rambles on and on. TOO detail oriented.
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    She was impossible to understand. People with thick accents seldom seem to know that they are hard to understand.

    She sealed her own fate.

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    I really think Kristine should have stayed on site instead of going prop shopping with Angela.
    Perhaps then she might have realized early enough in the filming process that Muna's accent was difficult to understand and taken her off camera or at least had the group come up with a basic script so Muna wouldn't be ad-libbing.

    I haven't seen the boardroom yet, but if I were Trump I'd ask why they perservered with Muna on camera when it was obvious early on that she was difficult to understand.

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