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Thread: Jenn - Season 6

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    Jenn - Season 6

    AGE: 26
    JOB: Publicist
    HOME: Phoenix, Arizona

    Jenn, 26, grew up in Huntington, New York and graduated from high school when she was just 16 years old. She studied sociology and communication at Arizona State University, earning a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies, with her last semester spent studying abroad at the University of Cambridge in England. Eager to see the world, she backpacked through Europe before returning home to earn her MBA in marketing at the University of Phoenix.

    Now a top publicist for a public relations firm in Phoenix, Jenn develops and manages full-service media plans for major corporations. She is also a features reporter for a popular local morning show in Arizona, having worked previously as both a reporter and television host. In addition, Jenn is the co-founder/editor-in-chief of Contact Magazine, a popular lifestyle publication.

    In her spare time, Jenn enjoys running, singing, acting and traveling.

    She thinks she should be the next Apprentice because she's "very different than anyone else Mr. Trump has ever interviewed to be his next Apprentice."
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff;2181742;
    She thinks she should be the next Apprentice because she's "very different than anyone else Mr. Trump has ever interviewed to be his next Apprentice."
    Does she mean "very different" from any of the other blonde Jenns that have been on the show?
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    Geez....has there ever been a season without a "Jenn"?
    "...each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one." - Mitch Albom, one helluva writer.

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    In what way is she different? That is an intriguing statement and makes one wonder, because it sounds like she is very similar to many others who have gone before her.

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    ....shall we say she just might be just a tad......overconfident..?..?.. ?..?
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    Why do all the Jenns in the world spell their name with two "N"s now, anyway?

    What ever happened to the name, "Jen"? Just wondering.

    I'm curious to see how she's so different, given that she spells her name in the same, old, tired, overused, done-to-death, trendy way as all the other Jenns in the world today.

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    I don't know that she is all that different... from an interview Roxanne (Season Five) did with Aaron after his firing, we learn this...

    RXW: You really didn't lose by much, $70, considering as we saw Kinetic had an Olympian, a beekeeper, and they had Jenn! Let's talk about Jenn because I have heard an interesting story.

    AA: Okay I heard from Kinetic that Jenn let a couple of guys squirt honey into her mouth out of the bottle...I don't know what happened exactly but I guess she was in a bikini and they were going to squirt it on her but then they squirted it in her mouth...but anyways the agreement was if they bought a case of honey they could squirt it on her. These guys bought three cases of honey which is far more than $70. I can't say for sure that it was Jenn's honey deal that put them over the edge but...
    I guess they couldn't show it because it would have been a negative and Kinetic won the task... but I will have a difficult time viewing Jenn seriously - even if she didn't end up having three cases of honey squirted on her body, the fact that she was in a bikini making the deal for it to happen puts the image in my mind.

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