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Thread: The Apprentice: A Change Is Gonna Come

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    I won't be watching. The Donald ripped on Rosie, that's fine. It's a personal war and I'm happy to watch mud slinging, but in his insults to her, he's destroyed his image and insulted many of his viewers. He's made cracks about people from the Midwest (I'm in MI) and attacked overweight people. I'm not now, but I used to be very large and no, that's not going from a size six to a two. I was a size thirty (12 now).

    He also talked about a supposed conversation he had with Barbara Walters. She's a very circumspect woman, *if* she confided in Donald, he still had no right to discuss what was said to him in private in so public a way. It struck me as classless, clueless and tasteless.

    I'm not saying Rosie is not culpable. She is. I've stopped watching, "The View" for now. I may go back to it, but probably not. My career is picking up and I'm selling more books (doing a mini happy dance here).

    He did place himself in the public eye and will be made fun of. It happens when you've obtained celebrity. You don't have to like what the comic says. I suggest you don't listen. If you put yourself that far out there someone is going to come along and try to poke a pin in your ego. I watched John Stewart say almost the same things Rosie did the other night. I've not seen Trump go off on him. Trump seems to save the worse of his abuse for people he deems physically weak.

    His rude comments in an effort to fight back has shown me, quite plainly, that he finds people like me abhorrent and lacking in intelligence.

    So Donald, despite your valiant efforts to trademark these words, you're fired.
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    Trump is just a uncouth peasant with money. Gee, like that's anything new.
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    Well, actually they both are uncouth peasants with money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amysue;2191017;
    As soon as I saw the tents in the Apprentice ads, I had flashbacks to that horrible FOX reality show "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss". I can't believe Trump is now stealing ideas from a bad rip-off/parody of his show. I think I will sit this season out!
    Hey, I thought that show was hilarious.

    Quote Originally Posted by prhoshay;2189691;
    I'm sick of everything being in LA or New York! This is a huge country with a lot of other wonderful locations.
    One word, Logistics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh;2195616;
    Well, actually they both are uncouth peasants with money.
    Good point. The difference is that Rosie doesn't pretend not to be, AND she seems, at least, like a big-hearted, genuine peasant with money. Trump's mean-mindedness and pretension know no bounds.

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