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Thread: 6/5 Finale Show Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennie View Post
    Sean might love Tammy-but does Tammy love Sean?

    To HECK with the job....I wanted to know if he was gonna get the girl...lol

    I knew he would get the job...when he ran out to see that car he should have grabbed her too..

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    Quote Originally Posted by britty05 View Post
    Can't believe neither chose the Hawaii gig. That would have been my pick!

    I would have picked Hawaii.....to heck with brown nosing....could maybe get the chance to see some filming of LOST

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    At the end of the finale you could see Lee and Trump talking to each other. I have no doubt that Trump will hire Lee at one point. He seems to really like the kid, his ambitions and his confidence.

    I''m not Lee's fan and yah, the kid doesn't have what it takes to be an Apprentice or run a multi-million dollar company. For now.

    In a few years with more training and some maturity (plus his 'politician" skiils he will no doubt become a very successful and savvy businessman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bof_Cof View Post
    Only the young think age doesn't matter.
    As long as age = experience, I think you're right.

    It's partly the reason why Rebecca lost last season. Randal just had tons of real-world experience, so he was a stronger candidate, all things considered.

    Lee didn't select a team capable of pulling off the task successfully underneath his management style. He needed some very detailed, very organized folks to handle all the small things of the task. Lenny was the closest he had, and Lenny simply is insensitive when it comes to knowing (or caring) how others are perceiving what's going on.

    Sean created confidence in the clients. Lee might have pulled off the task but failed to create confidence; it was touch and go until the end.

    One can't really stess enough the necessity of not just pulling off a task but doing it in a way that inspires client confidence in your abilities. They're talking millions of dollars in their deals; they don't want to have someone who just takes things as they come and doesn't plan things out, they want someone who seems to have thought things through.

    I think Lee had more under control than it appeared he did, and he knows how to work a crowd and be likeable, but he created an impression of carelessness. Many people are not seat-of-your-pants and need more guidance to feel secure.

    It's possible that Tammy likes Sean. Her demeanor has always been reserved, professional, a little stiff -- she protects her feelings. Her behavior is totally in line with someone who really likes Sean; it could also mean they're just friends.

    To be honest, I'd be more worried that she pulls out, not because she doesn't like Sean, but because she doesn't want her romantic relationship scrutinized ruthlessly by the public (as is already happening). She's a private person.

    Welp, I did it again. Early in the season, I once again picked the runner-up of the Apprentice rather than the winner. (Rebecca was my early choice last season.) Wonder if I can go for a third next season...

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    Watch last nights finale was like watching a wierd movie that leaves the ending to the imagination.

    Why did they have did they have a final project when it didn't matter to the outcome?

    Not one critique concerning their performance or know how sucessful either event was? There was no asking previous apprentice winners who should win? No suspense at all---just Lee, you're fired and Sean, you're hired....and being "dog tired" last night I stayed up for that??????????

    Trump didn't even show his fav, Bill????

    It was fun watching Sean's reaction to the win--hilarious

    The show has really dropped in popularity. Last night when I came on this thread toward the end of the show, there was only one other member on.

    they should have finished the show last week.
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    I to work with kids right out of college, and I am always hearing the "Experience doesn't matter" line. Sorry, but it does.

    Only the young think age doesn't matter.
    yes experience does matter. there are some kids right out of college who are so pretentious because they have high gpas. Well the gpa doesn't matter once you are out of school

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired View Post
    I think the loss of interest has at least a little to do with the timing of the finale.
    The show came in 4th place for it's time slot much of the season. It's not because of June.

    Two seasons in a row with equally quality candidates but one with a decade more experience. There's not even a contest if you're not comparing potential. Trump has to fire the young people earlier if there's no way he's going to hire them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vonna View Post
    Trump didn't even show his fav, Bill????
    All of the prior winners were spoken to. It was just during the commercials.
    Whenever you see darkness, there is extraordinary opportunity for the light to burn brighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobson00 View Post
    yes experience does matter.
    For true apprentices it shouldn't matter. You hire an apprentice for their potential not for their experience. In fact, if this was a real job interview for Trump experience may actually hinder you. The less experience the more he can mold you into his way of doing things.

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    For JLuvs....

    That is so cool that you were at the taping! I didn't see Kelly or Kendra on the TV last night and thought it would be odd for them not to be there. Thanks to JLuvs, now I know that they were there!

    I did see Bill briefly and, of course, Randall actually had a speaking part!

    I did see Omarosa several times as the camera panned the audience. Not sure if other former contestants were there. Did you see any others?

    Question about Andrea.....I noticed that she was wearing a green jacket and JEANS. Others looked more dressed up and/or professional. Does she not own dressier clothes? And the bangs..... Not sure if she thought that would soften up her appearance or not!

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