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Thread: Who will win the Apprentice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADKLove View Post
    Most likely Sean - then he can have him do a Trump line of clothing to go with his cologne.
    That is probably one of the most suitable task for Sean should he win, haha, Trump's Clothing Line and Cologne, ahahahahaha, metrosexual rocks!
    All Hail Omarosa

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpea View Post
    My first thought when reading the title of this thread?

    Who cares?

    I can't believe how little I care about who wins this show. In fact, I have found that with each sucessive season I care a little bit less (well, except perhaps for Kendra, since I thought Tana was a total waste of space and bedazzler).

    I am pretty much done with this show. Doubt highly I will watch next season, and if the finale runs at the same times as Hells Kitchen II I know what I'll be watching! Gordon Ramsay vs. Trump? No contest!
    Speaking of Kendar, I saw her the other day for the first time since her finale. lol She was on one of the home channels (I think it was hgtv) talking about real estate...

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    Nobody will win! Because the Apprentice has gotten too old and it isn't interesting anymore.


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    I think the genre of reality TV is wearing thin for most of us. We latched onto Survivor when it hit the scene, hungered for more, and got it. We opened our arms to this breath of fresh air.

    We had been watching 1/2 hour sitcoms and endless detective shows that offered the same old plots. Will they solve it this week? Will the lead character meet some perilous end? We were ready for something new.

    Now the shine has worn off. We have been saturated and the contestants now seek fame.

    I still watch and enjoy reality TV, but with adjusted expectations.

    Sean is being seen as not worthy, by many, but I do not agree. I like him. His resume is not too shabby either. I am not sure why he is being targeted as the lesser of two duds.

    Sean, 33, born and raised in London now works as a director of business development for a recruitment consultancy registered on the London Stock Exchange, where he boasts the title of the top-ranking sales person globally at his firm. He graduated from the Southhampton Solent University with first class honors - the highest-degree grade in the British education system. Quickly snapped up by an international recruitment consultancy, Sean spent nine years brokering multimillion dollar deals with Fortune 500 companies in over 20 global locations. He earned the EB1 Green Card for "persons of extraordinary ability" in 2005. Sean resides in Miami.

    Below is Lee. At 22 I have to question how much he could have accomplished. Your brain is not even fully developed until 23 and many are still growing. I question a lot here, expecially teaching 4th grade. A classroom aide, perhaps.

    Lee, 22, graduated from Cornell University with a 4.0 GPA, where he received a B.S. in Policy Analysis and Management. While attending Cornell University, he won business plan writing and marketing competitions, and served as a teaching assistant for courses in Entrepreneurship and Management. He worked for Merrill Lynch, researching emerging markets, creating portfolios and compiling business plans for high net worth clients, including an investment banking deal with an estimated value in excess of $100 million. Previous experiences outside of corporate America include, working at a day treatment program for the mentally ill, volunteering at soup kitchens and teaching fourth grade children in an inner-city school.
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    I am sitting here with a sprained ankle that I have to keep elevated. I could have done this on a weekday when everyone was at "work" but ohhhhhh no. So I sit like a puppy at the screen door waiting for someone to show up.

    I finished my book, there is nothing on TV. Someone should have the decency to help me beat this dead horse some more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nintai View Post
    Carolyn was commenting on how we was missing details and acting like the project was going to fall into place on its own. Most of the Apprentice seasons have actually punished delegation of tasks to a degree and this might work against Lee.
    I saw extra footage on Yahoo that actually showed Lee micromanaging that task. Carolyn-bich doesn't know everything.

    But I do agree that Lee may not win, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ackstua View Post
    I saw extra footage on Yahoo that actually showed Lee micromanaging that task. Carolyn-bich doesn't know everything.

    But I do agree that Lee may not win, though.
    I have never seen the extra footage because when I am on broadband, it's usually at a client site.

    This insight makes me think Lee was getting the winner's edit even more now. Oh well. The big winner this season will be me, I won't have to manage or trust either of these guys with my business.

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    Anemic Dog
    The only thing left is to guess the job choices the winning candidate will receive.


    "I have several mansions. These are huuuuge houses and with them there are huuuge responsibilities. Between them, there are no less than 39 full baths and 17 powder rooms. An executive bathroom must have clean toilets and sinks. And to clean them is a massive endeavor. The first job I'd like to offer is chief toilet scrubber for the entire Trump household empire.

    "Your second choice is even more impressive. I am planning on building a new hotel in New Orleans: the Trump Subterranean. It's actually quite impressive. The hotel will be 50 stories high, but 49 of those stories will be underwater. We plan to offer incredible experiences in snorkeling, diving, mining and fishing - as soon as the health board allows these activities, which we hope will be in the next 500 years. Now, we already have the best experts in the field designing the hotel, leading construction and ready to staff it upon completion. But we're stuck. How do you design a maid's uniform that's both stylish AND functional while underwater? We have the materials, we just need someone with special experience to choose the color scheme and sleeve length."


    "Both of these opportunities sound fascinating. I'd like to remain in the area where I can pursue my life-long dream of creating extremely trendy babies with Tammy, so I'll be the best toilet scrubber you've ever had."


    "Excellent. Now here's a preview of our next season, when we move to the most exciting city in the world not named New York. In Los Angeles, we will crown The Apprentice 6, with 16 new candidates, taken from the best insane asylums, the best beauty pageants and the best real estate offices in the entire country. It will be thrilling. It will be exciting. Watch it!"

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    anemic dog, right on!!!

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    Trump picks Sean, and then tells him he needs to decide between Tammy or Trump.

    Sean falls to the floor and does a Cpt Kirk....."WHYYYYYYYYY" and his head explodes.

    Lee, is declared the winner, only to rip off his Mission Impossible mask of to reveal.... Omarossa.

    Omarossa and Trump are thrown swords by George and Caroline and start dueling across the stage.

    All the past canidates come out and start doing the Can-Can while singing New York, New York.

    Ballons fall, fireworks go off, the curtain falls and the season ends.............

    ..... hey it could happen. Probably be a damn sight better than the 90 minute spectale thats going to happen.

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