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Thread: Who will win the Apprentice?

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    Sean. Lee's too inexperienced, but he should be honored he made it that far.
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    Of the 2 ... I would say Sean should win ... but you never know. Lee may pull a rabbit out of the hat
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    I think (and hope) that Sean wins. Lee is too much of a politician (Trump seems to be getting annoyed with that, as we saw from his comment in the episode), and he is also inexperienced. Sean is much more competent and experienced, which is why I think Trump will hire him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hot_chocolate View Post
    I think (and hope) that Sean wins. Lee is too much of a politician (Trump seems to be getting annoyed with that, as we saw from his comment in the episode), and he is also inexperienced. Sean is much more competent and experienced, which is why I think Trump will hire him.
    Was going with Lee before the Final Task, but watching both candidates start from scratch has revealed Lee's inexperience, his inability to assemble a strong team, and the weakness of his reliance on delegation. You can't delegate well, unless you have a solid team to delegate to, and Lee did not pick the right team that could cover his weaknesses.

    I did not expect Sean to reach the end, but so far (barring anything bizarre happening next week) he seems to be the more experienced, more sensible choice.

    Trump really liked Rebecca last season (a *lot*), and Rebecca definitely had more imagination and vision than Randall, but Trump went with the experienced, polished choice. While he does have people he would like to groom, in the end, the person has to run a large project for him; he's going for the solid performer who can tackle a job under their own power and maintain client loyalty. That would be Sean.

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    Anemic Dog
    I don't think Trump likes Lee all that much. The constant politician comments seem like they're intended to be an insult.

    Trump invariably goes for the candidate who, despite any problems they encounter (even if self-inflicted), maintain their polish and composure. So, if you see anyone getting the frenetic edit (as Lee did when he was waving his hands around toward the end of Monday's episode), he is history.

    Trump also has a soft spot for romance. He seems to get a vicarious thrill out of it. To him, young and inexperienced isn't necessarily about age. It makes him uncomfortable to see someone who isn't married not sexually attracted to someone. That's one of the reasons he doesn't like Lee's politician nature. He doesn't trust men who don't have an overt libido (he's extremely sexist at times, so I would imagine the reverse would hold for women).

    Also, Lee was getting the circus music when he was picking his team. They chose to show Caroline giggling at the choice of Pepi.

    I think Lee being in the final is more a reflection of simply disasterous casting this season than anything else. Sean isn't anything special, but at least people like him, he's appropriately horny enough for Trump, and he remains cool under pressure.

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    He can put the winner anywhere with supervision. It is all about who will generate more buzz and better press. The general consensus seems to think neither of these candidates are great. I am not sure about Sean. He may turn out to be a great asset for Trump and the one who remains with him for a long time. He may be the shining star. We just dont know enough about him.

    Sean is handsome, has a hot romance going on and is a brand new citizen who loves the US (wow) and the American dream. He has gotten a winners edit all season. He gazes, in awe, at the Statue of Liberty and waxes poetic on his new status. THAT is good press.

    Sean could set Trumps hair on fire and still win this.

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    The winner is whoever Trump doesn't choose. I hope that turns out to be Sean. I can definitely see Lee a "yes man" for Trump tho.
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    I have to say, this is the first season where I really don't care who he picks or who wins.

    This season just really fell apart for me somewhere. It got to where the double firings weren't even enough. I wish we could have had more team firiings and maybe cut the season down to eight weeks instead of 14 (?? is it?) The tasks were dull. The candidates seemed to be chosen for bizarre reasons that had nothing to do with finding a good employee...

    I dunno.

    Maybe it's time for Trump to start looking for other employees besides an Apprentice. Maybe next time around, they could change the show to "The Marketing Director"?

    It's a thought...

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    I would like Sean to win, however it seems like the person with the most negative edit on the show before the finale wins. I think Lee got the worst edit, therefore I am going with him.
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