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Thread: Alert: The Apprentice To Air Two Episodes Next Week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog View Post
    I can't believe that show is still on. At least Monty Hall got through more than one contestant each week with the same schtick. Trump really has hit bottom with The Apprentice.
    It's not as bad this year. I think.

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    What is the attraction to the deal show? I don't get it.

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    Seriously CEO, I tried last night...and I could have went for a jog, stopped at a local pub to down a pint or two, jogged home, cooked dinner AND ate it. All this while the contestant is still staring at her family wondering what to do. Every.single.thing they do is 20 minutes, down to Howie pacing back and forth as the "banker" is telling him how much to offer.
    Finally the contestant chooses which briefcase she wants to open and ONLY after 4 or 5 more commercial breaks do we see what's inside.
    I just hate that show.
    But I do like playing it online..where I can just fly through the cases, without annoying Howie.

    Anyway.. the time change last night caused a first in my reality show watching home. I was too tired and feeling ill, so I slept through TA! I've never done that. Thanks a lot Deal or no Deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaynas_mom View Post
    Oooh, thank you! DOND is one of my guilty pleasures ................
    Heh heh....Not meaning to get off-topic, but I can top that. I have actually caught myself watching "Cheaters" with Joey Greco. .shhhhhhhh
    Actually I fell asleep in front of TV late one night, and ..oh yeah... sure, sure

    Not a fan of DOND. Howie, the "banker", and those woman are too cheesy. But, that's just my humble opinion.
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    Alert: The Apprentice To Air Two Episodes Next Week

    According to, NBC has announced that they will be showing back-to-back episodes of "The Apprentice" next Monday from 9-11 PM. It is two new episodes (neither episode is a recap episode, thank God). I've posted the link below if anyone wants to read the episode descriptions.

    Another interesting fact they say in the article is that in NBC's online poll this week for the favorite Apprentice candidate, Roxanne is leading.

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up!

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    You can rib me all you want lol. I think I know two other people in the world who like the show. So hah!

    I actually fell asleep on the last 10 minutes of the two-hour show. I watch it because I just like to turn my mind totally off after an especially stressful work-day (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!!). Something mindless like this can be just the ticket (I forgot to mention the other guilty pleasure, "Judge Alex" ). Don't mind me, I've lost my mind!!

    I told one of my colleagues at work that I thought Howie's got the "mysterious" persona these days and he almost threw up. "Mysterious?? Have you flipped out?" Uh, yes, as a matter of fact, I have. So let me watch the show...

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    Is back-to-back just this week? I'm wondering why NBC is showing two episodes tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay118 View Post
    Is back-to-back just this week? I'm wondering why NBC is showing two episodes tonight.
    It seems back to back (9-10pm, then 10-11pm). I don't know why they are scheduling it like this, except for determining when they want the finale to fall.

    Lenny is PM'ing in the first task. If they lose, the results would probably be:
    * Lenny: For losing the task and already being on thin ice.
    * Tarek: For just being in the boardroom too darn much.
    * Leslie (admittedly a dark horse, in terms of getting fired): For flying far too long under the radar.

    Both Lenny and Tarek have been in the BR three times, I think. So if they lose, probably Lenny would go unless Tarek is the direct reason the task fails.

    I think Gold Rush loses the first task, because the Yahoo "fantasy game" questions include one asking who leaves their team and joins the other during the second episode. So:
    * If Synergy would have lost the first task, the teams would then be even in terms of size; there would be no reason to "balance" the teams.
    * If Gold Rush loses the first task, they would have four members, to the other teams six. SOmeone from Synergy transfering would balance the teams.

    Thus, I think Gold Rush loses (again!) -- and either Lenny or Tarek goes "bye bye."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay118 View Post
    Is back-to-back just this week? I'm wondering why NBC is showing two episodes tonight.
    The show will be pre-empted next week for the premiere of the celebrity cooking show.
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    I saw an ad last night that indicated Conviction is on tonight at 10. Just have to wait and see, I guess.
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