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Thread: Are There Any Good Candidates Left

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    Are There Any Good Candidates Left

    I think Trump already fired any of the people that could have been good candidates. True, Dan and Pepi did not do that well as Project Managers, however; there were other issues that interfered with them winning their challenges, and if that had been the case, they would still be around instead some of the loosers that are still in the running. Shoot, even Sean had a bad day with his presentation, and right now he is the only one I see with Apprentice potential. What do you all think?

    BTW... Dan was my favorite and still is.
    Because I said so ....

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    Dan is kinda fired.. I don't think Sean is Apprentice material. We need to see more of Michael and then Leslie. Both seem pretty strong and will go head to head next week as PMs. Then there's Roxanne of course, she's sweet and not too bad of a leader. And Lenny The Entertainer.

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    I've watched every season and this is the first time I don't care who stays or who goes. I don't think there are strong candidates this season, it's not possible to predict who will be the final 2.

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    What's wrong with Andrea and Tammy? Trump seemed to be quite happy with the job Tammy did, and her team approved of her.

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