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Thread: 4/3 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Trump is confusing at times because he sometimes seems to judge people on how proficient they are at completing these crazy tasks. That is, he would fire someone for coming up with a bad jingle, as if that's what he was looking for in a candidate.
    He doesn't really qualify his statements well sometimes. In the last boardroom, he admitted (because Bryce pushed it) that their jingle wasn't bad, just that the other was better. But there have been far too many times where he refers to something as a disaster and worse, simply because the team lost sometimes by the slimmest of margins. If the losing team was a disaster, the winning team couldn't have been much better, you know...

    But in a show like the Apprentice it shouldn't matter if you're on the losing team. Trump is only going to hire one person. If you're the best person, it shouldn't matter if you're on the winning or losing team.
    "I knew he was a closet idealist." -- Avery, from "The Firm"

    You're right, but it's a limitation of the show's format. I don't think the teams would work nearly as hard to win without their being a punishment, and somehow Trump has to justify who he fires.

    Technically, he could do just 16 shows, not fire anyone, and at the end pick the best candidate. But no one would watch.

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    Good post, Fortunato.

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