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Thread: Viewers to help The Donald choose the next Apprentice

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    Viewers to help The Donald choose the next Apprentice


    NBC'S "The Apprentice" to Air Monday, April 3 at 10 P.M. ET/PT This Week Only

    NEW YORK - March 29, 2006 - Over the past two years, millions upon millions have tuned in to hear Donald Trump's infamous phrase, "You're Hired!" For the first time in the show's history, NBC's "Apprentice" fans will have the opportunity to advise Trump on who he should select to be the next "Apprentice." NBC announced today that in the penultimate week viewers will be able to vote for one of the final two candidates via phone and on-line at www.NBC.com. The results of America's favorite candidate will be presented to Trump during the live finale before he makes his final decision.

    Beginning this week, www.NBC.com will host an ongoing weekly poll where viewers can vote for their favorite candidate and track their weekly progress.

    "I'm very anxious to see who the fans choose for their favorite finalist -- their decision could have a big effect on my ultimate decision," said Trump.

    "Over the past four seasons of 'The Apprentice', Donald Trump has used the final episode to hire candidates with advice only from George and Carolyn," said Mark Burnett, Creator and Executive Producer. "This year we thought it would be interesting to discover what America has to say about the candidates, incorporating our fans and viewers as virtual judges. While Trump will still be the final arbiter of who he hires, America's feedback is certain to have an impact on his decision."

    Following a special two-hour "Deal or No Deal" (April 3rd, 8-10 p.m. ET/PT), this week's episode of "The Apprentice," follows Gold Rush and Synergy as they take on the music world and write an original jingle for the popular restaurant chain Arby's (10-11 p.m. ET/PT). Judged by Arby's executives, the team with the most effective but creative jingle wins. The winning team enjoys a scrumptious reward and the losers face the music in the boardroom.

    "Gold Rush" - Bryce, Charmaine, Lee, Lenny, Leslie, Tarek
    "Synergy" - Allie, Andrea, Michael, Roxanne, Sean, Tammy

    Apprentice fans can still sign up for exclusive text message alerts sent directly to their cell phones -- giving viewers the behind-the-scenes scoop to the unfolding onscreen action. Subscribers will receive up to five text messages from different candidates synchronized with the broadcast itself (multiple time zones will be available). Viewers can register at www.NBC.com/apprentice or text the word "APP" to the shortcode "62288" (NBCTV).

    "The Apprentice" is produced by Mark Burnett Productions. Mark Burnett, Jay Bienstock and Donald J. Trump are executive producers. Conrad Riggs and Kevin Harris are co-executive producers.

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    The public participation aspect is purely for ratings. Trump doesn't give a damn what any of us think about anything. If he did he'd do something about his hair and his home decor.
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    Ha, ha, you're so right, Rattus.

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    Not a good idea. You can't let the people vote on what you choose to show them. There's too much bias and selective editing in the show already.

    Voting works for American Idol when there's only 3-minutes of footage to judge of a 3-minute song. An informed opinion can not be made from 3-minutes of footage of a 4 hour boardroom.

    This is wrong and subject to corruption and malfeasance. I'll only vote if they put the raw, unedited footage up on the yahoo website or something where I can see it uncut in its entirety and make up my own mind. I'm not going to vote based on television soundbites constructed with deliberate aim to emotionally manipulate me.

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    So let me get this straight. If you are kind enough to give up your cellphone number, NBC will spam your phone with "insider info" during the broadcast, and presumably long after the show is gone too. Yeah, great idea. Unless he's sending me pictures of Tarek ... I won't be signing up.
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