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Thread: No more exemptions???

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    Who knows what's in Trump's mind. I think it's all about ratings. Maybe they should hide an immunity idol somewhere in that glitzy residence hall they all share and make them fight for it. Or set up an exile apartment. Trump could burn their resumes in the firing ceremony.

    This show gets sillier and sillier. All they want is Type A personalities who will perform for peanuts on camera. It hasn't been about business skills for a long, long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdpch View Post
    I'm going against the grain. I liked the idea of immunity, when seen as a reward for effective leadership rather than for winning the task--but only if the team members voted for it.The prospect of immunity forces PMs to think about leadership rather than just about winning. In addition to promoting good leadership, I think the exemption adds a layer to the strategy and psychology of team vs. individual effort. If I were Trump I would have emphasized the strategic aspect--vote for immunity if you feel this person's actions were responsible for the win, but at the same time realize you are granting a competitor an advantage.

    We've seen how people quickly lose the respect of the team and ultimately get fired based on their impulse to sit on their tails. The wise candidate would contribute and shine despite having immunity..
    Exemption was an advantage ONLY during the final weeks.

    If you win as a project manager and do well, essentially you automatically have exemption in the eyes of Trump. As long as you don't blatantly kill the team in the next task, Trump will not fire you based on the previous "exemption worthy" PM win.

    There are plenty of people who sit on their tails through tasks. The person with exemption is now being watch more closely, and in that regards, exemption is a disadvantage. Rule of thumb: don't coast.

    The prospect of immunity forces PMs to think about leadership rather than just about winning.
    If someone needs exemption to try to be a leader, then that person shouldn't be on the show.

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    I'm glad the exemption is gone. I didn't like it.

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    I agree that having the exemption was not a great advantage, but that's part of why I liked it. Its potential role was more subtle and interesting, in the way it could affect the dynamic of the team interaction (for example, when a team voted not to give immunity, based on leadership style or the feeling that a non-PM was responsible for the win) or in the way it could focus a spotlight on the slacker tendencies of a winning PM. For me it was just another hint of color in what has become a fairly monochrome business routine.
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    The best way to do it is like on "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss". The losing project leader is ALWAYS EXEMPT because crap rolls down hill. The boss is there to take the credit while the team members are there to take the blame.

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