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Thread: 3/6 The Apprentice Show Thread **SPOILERS**

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    I dont like stacy b/c first he was threatening her, and then he wasnt, and then in the boardroom she says he threatend her

    its like make up your mind...wishy washyness is not good

    pepi couldnt handle brent but good god did you see brent? i think if the donald had to handle brent, he would get seriously fed up with him too

    i work with a guy like brent and i just wanna shoot myself when he starts talking b/c you cant get anything done..not to mention he has ADD and is all over the place

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    Quote Originally Posted by user name View Post
    And Bill kicks ass as a sidekick.
    I like the way that he gets along with Trump. They seem to genuinely have a relationhip, though obviously a leader/led relationship. All of the other 'Apprenti' have come and gone (some have down-right disappeared), but BIll is always there, year after year after year. He truly is Donald's Apprentice.

    (and it is my opinion that he was the best cast member on this show. Ever.)...

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    I am glad they didn't have the obligatory phone call from the Personal Assistant to the suite telling the candidates to, "Meet Mr. Trump at ...", on this episode. I hope this trend continues.

    It added nothing and, although brief, took time away from the tasks, reward, or boardroom.

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