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Thread: Tammy - Season 5

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    Tammy - Season 5

    Occupation: Wealth Manager
    Hometown: Edison, NJ.

    Tammy, 33, is founder and CEO of Theresa Kathryn Enterprises, Inc, a company which designs stylish briefcases for women. She oversees every stage of the products' original creation from design to final marketing. Through Theresa Kathryn Enterprises, Tammy's goal is to continue to inspire women to excel in their chosen career paths while maintaining their femininity and individuality. Tammy, also a Vice President at a major Beverly Hills investment firm, advises California's most affluent and high profile clients on managing their finances. A Certified Financial Planner, Tammy is considered an expert in her field. Tammy earned her B.A. at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University, where she represented Senator John McCain as a constituent liaison. She later returned to Arizona State University where she received her MBA. Throughout her schooling, Tammy has self-funded all of her education. She is an avid marathon runner, an experienced motivational speaker and enjoys writing poetry.


    What was your very first job?
    My very first job was working for John McCain in Scottsdale, Arizona. I learned about Senator McCain when I was in high school and had great respect for his accomplishments as a decorated Naval Officer who overcame tremendous obstacles as a POW, a businessman and a leader; I knew that I would be honored to work for him and would learn much from the experience.

    Who convinced you to try out for The Apprentice and why?
    No one convinced me. I knew it was a great opportunity and I know that I have the skill set to be a significant contributor to the Trump Organization.

    What did you quit/leave/sacrifice to join The Apprentice?
    I risked losing my job at an entrepreneurial firm with great resources for its clients. They have allowed me the opportunity and flexibility to work in numerous ways with some of the wealthiest individuals and institutions in the United States. While it was a risk, I wasn't surprised when they told me they were supportive of me being on the show and that my job would be here...if I decided not to work for Mr. Trump!!! I also put on hold my own business, a corporation focused on making stylish new business bags for women.

    Why do you want to work for Mr. Trump?
    Like Mr. Trump, I have been a self starter my entire life. I have worked hard and taken risks to get where I am today. I paid my way through undergraduate and graduate school, fought for my first job at a financial services firm where I was just one of several women and have continuously improved myself in my profession. I am hungry for more opportunity and someone who will give me the responsibility and resources to excel. Donald Trump is that person for me, and I am the right person for him.

    What have you learned from watching previous seasons of The Apprentice? Have any previous candidates motivated or inspired you?
    I've learned that good people skills are extremely important in making it to the end. I have worked in an environment that is team and goal oriented my entire life and feel this venue is suited to me. I am going to be me. I want to work with Mr. Trump, but not at the price of my integrity, my character or my reputation. I am going to conduct myself as I always have and if that is a fit with the Trump organization, I'll be "Hired", if not, it was probably a "good miss" for Trump and me. I hope the best candidate gets the job.

    What's your definition of success?
    Being happy on a financial, spiritual, professional and physical level. Balance is extremely important and I believe a significant contributor to where I am today.

    How would you describe your leadership style?
    I'm a decision maker. I gather thoughts and information from people and other resources and make decisions. I once heard Senator McCain say, "we hired you because you are smart, we know you're going to make mistakes, but we think you're going to make the right decision 95 percent of the time...and the chances are when you're in that 5 percent area, you're going to work your way out of it." It's stuck with me and it works.

    How do you deal with challenges within a group dynamic?
    You have to show everyone respect. I believe everyone who is interviewing for this position is intelligent and capable. I will share my ideas and probably listen most closely to those that I perceive as being the most different from me. Through life, the best interactions and ideas have come from exploring ideas that are a little "out of the box" from how I normally think.

    What is your philosophy on business?
    Do the right thing, make decisions, but be flexible, give it your all, be aggressive and you will be successful. Even when I lose (yes, I lose ever so often) I am of course disappointed, but I know that I gave it my all.

    Your favorite (famous) quote?
    She (he) who will not risk cannot win! - John Paul Jones - he wrote "he".

    Why should you be the next Apprentice?
    For one, I am unencumbered by family commitments and am willing to relocate anywhere and am prepared to give it my all. Whether it is personal or professional, I always achieve the goals I set for myself. Once I achieve them, I establish higher goals.

    I have also learned the challenging and important lessons of motivating team members as well as being a team player. I have a strong level of comfort in working for large financial organizations and am also comfortable as an entrepreneur and in knowing when to take calculated risks.

    With my combination of integrity, determination, and professional development, I intend to gain the respect of my team members and lead us all to victory!

    Horoscope Sign

    Favorite Music/Artists
    Maroon 5, U2, Sheryl Crow, Eminem

    Favorite Books/Authors
    The Travelers Gift by Andy Andrews

    Favorite TV Shows:
    The Apprentice, of course! 24, The OC, Will and Grace, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Oprah Winfrey, Live with Regis and Kelly

    Favorite Movies
    Love Actually, The Shawshank Redemption

    Favorite Sports/Sports Teams
    New York Yankees, LA Lakers

    Guilty Pleasures
    Chocolate, hot stone massages, shoes, and sunsets

    Favorite Former Candidate of The Apprentice
    Jen Massey

    Current hobbies/recreational activities
    I am a marathon runner, love to play tennis, softball, volleyball, hike, mountain biking, surfing, and like to write poetry. And I am a Spa Junkie!

    Top travel destinations
    Nevis, Kona, Rome

    Highest Level of Education
    MBA Arizona State University

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    stuck on an island with creepy ferret faced Ben
    lots of strong points in her background and should be able to defend herself verbally in the boardroom.

    don't care for someone claiming to be a "spa junkie" however

    got that biotch vibe thing going a little

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    Tammy's goal is to continue to inspire women to excel in their chosen career paths while maintaining their femininity and individuality.
    I don't get this. Is something happening to women that I should know about? I mean..why would someone need to be inspired to keep their femininity & individuality?

    Why'd she name her business "Theresa Kathryn Enterprises, Inc"?? It's not her name... or is it?
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    After the first show, I didn't gain much of an opinion about her other than she has bears a strong resemblance to Sandra Bullock. That certainly leans to my favor.

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    Tammy. What can I say? Love the hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomer_lady View Post
    Tammy. What can I say? Love the hair.
    Indeed. I'm surprised there haven't been more comments about her... Personally, I think she's gorgeous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlantNGo View Post
    Indeed. I'm surprised there haven't been more comments about her... Personally, I think she's gorgeous.
    She's textbook beautiful, true.

    I haven't said much about her because I find her looks overproduced and too "perfect-looking" ... which makes her boring.

    (This carries over into her personality too. She's one of those "everything must be in its place -- the place where I think it should be" people. These sort of assumptions led to the botched cereal billboard task, as well as her connivances with Andrea over how to set up Brent for the fall after they marginalized him, and so on. Beauty for me is not just the appearance.)

    She does look a lot like Sandra Bullock, but Sandra's more refreshing -- she's casual and non-presumptuous, the "average girl" who just happens to be drop-dead gorgeous.

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    I'm definetly rooting for this girl since A) She looks like Sandra Bullock, who is my all time favorite actress, and B) we have the same name and C) She seems pretty nice to me.

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    I absolutely LOVE her! She is still my pick to win it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdflow View Post
    I absolutely LOVE her! She is still my pick to win it all.
    I'm not really sure what she's done since she was PM, though.

    She seems very smart and locked in on what's going on, but I'd like to see more what she's capable of.

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