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Thread: Leslie - Season 5

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    I thought Roxanne was a good choice. She is definately a team player and a hard worker.

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    Remember the task when Tammy was PM and Roxanne just practically checked out of that task?! I don't recall Leslie being that disloyal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabid Dingo View Post
    Of all 18 candidates this season, Leslie is the only one who I haven't figured out yet. My curiosity is killing me. She was a good team player so why was she rejected for Roxanne by Lee? I don't get this at all.
    Lenny doesn't need to make sense in regards to people. He never did. He was good on occassion at cutting through the BS to get right to the point (i.e., the text message length in Task #2); but the guy has no idea about people whatsoever. It's the main reason he blew his task. I still don't understand what Lee sees in him -- except, of course, their friendship being of higher importance than Lenny's competence.

    Leslie, I thought, was talented as the "nurture" instinct of the group. She seemed to be hard-working and solid and provided encouragement and perspective to the general task and to the team relationships. She simply wasn't cut out to make the final decisions as PM, but I think she would have done much better on this team than Pepi; in fact, she would probably be doing most of the work right now, until everyone finally got a clue as to what specifically they were going to do.

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    I e-mailed Season 5 candidate Leslie and she seems to be a very nice person. Here's what I emailed her.

    Hello. I was surprised that neither one of the Final
    2 candidates picked you at all. I felt that you were
    a generally strong candidate so I'm unsure as to why
    you weren't picked at all. From what I saw on the
    show, Lee didn't seem to have any problems suggesting
    on the idea of picking you until Lenny went against
    that idea. I don't know what Lenny has against you
    because you didn't seem to be the type of candidate
    who offended other candidates. When I went to Lenny's
    forum, he's saying that you weren't an option because
    according to Lenny, you have went out of your way to
    try and get both him and Lee fired. Now I have a hard
    time believing that because from watching the show,
    you didn't go after either candidate in BR unless
    either one of them was responsible for the loss. You
    were playing it fair. As far as I'm concerned, Lenny
    seems to be taking it personally that you took Lee to
    BR back on the 8th Task and that Lee almost got fired.
    Frankly, I don't know why Lenny seems to be so bitter
    because he didn't consider any of the original Gold
    Rush members at all. Now that bothers me when a
    candidate takes things personally on the show. If I
    were in Lee's place in choosing teammates, you
    would've been my first pick for a teammate because
    you're a hard worker and a solid candidate.

    On the Yahoo! Fantasy Game, you were my choice for
    winning this season and I was pretty disappointed when
    you got fired. In fact, a lot of the high-ranking
    game players had you as their first choice for winning
    this season so I wasn't the only one who was let down
    when you were fired. Regardless, I don't regret
    picking you in the first place because I still think
    you were a solid candidate. Of all the seasons of
    this show I've watched, this season was the most
    difficult to predict the Final 2. Anyways, I wish you
    the best of success in whatever direction you choose
    to follow from here on. Good luck!

    Leon, a huge Kendra fan
    Surprisingly, Leslie was relatively prompt in replying to the e-mail I had sent her not long ago. Here's what she wrote.

    Hi Leon,
    Thank you for being a fan of the show and me! I really appreciate your
    support. Your insight is brilliant! I am a fair person in real life
    was also on the show. Unfortualtely Lenny took my decisions on who to
    blame on in the boardroom after a task, which were not based on
    personally. Lenny is a good person he just cannot seperate business
    friendship. Charmaine and I were and still are very close friends but
    made a pact to call each other out in the boardroom if warranted and we
    would not take it personally. I think true friendship is being able to
    your friends out on things and moving on after.

    Once again thanks for being a fan and good luck to you also!! Leslie
    Leslie was very nice here and she talked about Lenny being unable to separate business from friendship without attacking his character. I liked Leslie's response better than Lenny's because Leslie doesn't seem to be bitter here. If you're interested in e-mailing Leslie, you can get her e-mail addy off of her web site.

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    Leslie would've been a better teammate than Lenny if Lee had picked her. It's a shame that he didn't and now Lee is probably regretting that.

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