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Thread: Dan - Season 5

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    Dan - Season 5

    Occupation: Clothing Company Owner
    Hometown: Miami, FL.

    Dan, 31, is the founder of Brody Sport, a designer brand of active-wear currently sold in prominent boutique shops and popular department stores. Dan has successfully launched several businesses during his entrepreneurial career beginning with a college venture, NYC Cafe "Grandma's Cookie Jar." This wholesale retail bakery boutique served as one of the earliest bakery suppliers for the city's Starbucks stores. Dan also owned YoCookie, a ready-to-bake cookie-dough brand shelved in more than 30 grocery stores even before "Grandma's Cookie Jar" was successfully sold. Dan's next venture was Swan Hat, one of the only "Made In The USA," headwear companies still in existence today. Swan Hat has a healthy department store base and the company's Straw Headwear division annually outfits the New York State Teachers Union - Labor Day Fifth Ave Parade, as well as other union parades and events throughout the country. Dan is passionate about religion and family and feels that you must make an exerted effort for those you love and give back to those in need.


    What was your very first job?
    I started a candy sales business in school at the age of 12 with a friend of mine. We sold boxed candy (lemonheads and jaw breakers etc.) between classes. Eventually our sales cut in to the senior class vending profits and we were banned from selling in school, so I started selling on each bus route going home from school. One door closed and I opened another.

    Who convinced you to try out for The Apprentice and why?
    My wife. She knows that I love business and that working for the Trump Organization will offer not only a fantastic learning opportunity but a chance to work with other great and accomplished business minds.

    What did you quit/leave/sacrifice to join The Apprentice?
    I have a successful headwear business that I own with my brother as well as a very hot sports brand that I started almost one year ago.

    Why do you want to work for Mr. Trump?
    There is a great deal of value in building relationhships with successful people. It opens the doors to better advice & better opportunity. Naturally, you must have something to offer as well.

    What have you learned from watching previous seasons of The Apprentice? Have any previous candidates motivated or inspired you?
    Pace yourself. Do not let the competition fluster you or 'force' you to make foolish decisions. I admire the way Bill quietly observed everyone around him and was not quick to criticize just to jump on a bandwagon. I liked the way Nick did not have a problem standing up for his beliefs.

    What's your definition of success?
    There is success in your personal life, and there is success in the business world. In my personal life success consists of letting those I care about feel that concern and warmth, being there for my family as a support figure and friend as well as giving back to the community I have benefited from. In business, success is judged based on creating value for stock holders and profit for your investors while providing a product/service that has value you can be proud of.

    How would you describe your leadership style?
    I direct those I lead according to their skills. At times I am leading the way in front and at other times my sleeves are rolled up and I am working side-by-side with any team member. I think that I have been a successful leader because no one I have ever worked with would doubt for a second that I would do their job if it fit my skill set best.

    How do you deal with challenges within a group dynamic?
    You have to quickly identify the talents of your team members as best you can and then commit to dividing tasks and responsibility accordingly.

    How do you balance creativity and business?
    The most successful business people have a strong sense of creativity. There is no single handbook on how to conduct business. Each deal is the product of both parties' business creativity.

    What is your philosophy on business?
    Work hard, work fair & be aware that there are those that will do neither.

    Your favorite (famous) quote?
    "Success is primarily luck, and those that get lucky typically have been working their asses off." (Anonymous)

    Why should you be the next Apprentice?
    I solve problems, I create solutions. I have a rich working background and a history of success I am proud of. I am not afraid of failure and I have proven my ability to shift gears when things look grim and steer clear of disaster. I appreciate that one man/woman or mind is not as effective as two or more and that while working in a group has a great deal to offer, a leader must be strong and at times very stern to maintain a sense of direction and achieve the goal.

    Horoscope Sign

    Favorite Music/Artists
    Right know I'm listening to Alan Jackson and U2.

    Favorite Books/Authors
    Anything by Malcolm Gladwell

    Favorite TV Shows
    Besides the obvious, I do not have much time for television.

    Favorite Movies
    Empire of the Sun

    Favorite Sports/Sports Teams
    Yankees and the Miami Dolphins (I grew up in South Florida when there were no other teams yet)

    Rabbits in the back yard, a 3-year-old son who might be a monkey

    Current hobbies/recreational activities
    I write music, I love to cook.

    Top travel destinations
    Anywhere in the U.S.A. Our country has a lifetime of amazing sights to see. Israel- rich with history and culture.

    Highest Level of Education
    Baruch CUNY Business School (MBA)

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    Rabbits in the back yard, a 3-year-old son who might be a monkey
    This answer tickles me.

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    Baruch CUNY Business School (MBA)

    Great career WITHOUT the IVY education.

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    baruch isn't bad. many can't afford the ridiculous tuition in those so called ivy schools

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    stuck on an island with creepy ferret faced Ben
    with many of the tasks dealing with pimping/product development, his previous business skills should give him a leg up.

    Likeable....for now

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    I really like this guy. His interview at the NBC website was right on. He is smart and articulate. His boardroom communications are right on the money when he pointed out that Summer made the only chess move she could by predicting failure and therefore she shouldn't be given credit for criticizing her team.

    Where did he go to school? I saw above that someone posted Baruch CUNY Business School (MBA). Where is this school?

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    I admire Dan for his closing comments and keeping Lenny out of the boardroom. Lenny was not blame for expressing an idea, the team accepted it and there were errors in execution.

    Best wishes to you Dan, in your career and wherever life takes you.

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    I agree, Dan was one of the few contestants I've seen on the show who spoke and reasoned like a real person. Many of the rest have seemed like B-school wonks, self-important egomaniacs, or butt-kissing Trump wannabees. Dan's arguments were far more defensible than Trumps, despite the butt-kissing jury parroting DT. Big loss to Trump and to the quality of interactions on the show.
    Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

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    He seems like such a good dad.

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    In the commercial you listened to your friend Tarek and went without any voiceover. He seems to be a nice guy but has had a history of making bad choices. Do you think that friendship won out over good business sense?
    Unfortunately, no one pushed for voiceover so it is hard to blame that decision on any one person. Sure, in the boardroom it was a good point to latch onto, but realistically everyone was to blame for that mistake and my being project manager makes me the most responsible.

    Mr. Trump really seemed to be laying much of the blame on Lenny's concept. You were adamant that he shouldn't have been brought in the boardroom. Hindsight is 20/20, but what do you think now?
    The Lenny decision was not an easy one, but this was my thinking: Lenny had made many errors and contributed very little in general; however, Mr. Trump liked him and had never pinned blame on Lenny for anything even though he had been implicated by the team numerous times. I figured that if I called Lenny in to the boardroom, Mr. Trump would say that Lenny's bad idea was my error for accepting it. Everything up to that point showed Lenny to be Mr. Trump's invincible pet. Mr. Trump makes the decisions, and so I thought it would be a bad move to threaten the King's Court Jester.

    You've been on the inside. What's the experience like being on camera 24/7? Do you forget the camera's there, or is it always a presence? At first it was bizarre to have my every move filmed, but like most things, with time you adjust and move on. I never forgot the camera was there, but there were definite moments when I was less aware.

    Who should we be looking out for in the week's ahead? There are of course several strong contenders: Sean, Allie, Tammy, Andrea, Charmaine and Tarek. I was pleased with how Charmaine performed for me and how she led when she was PM, and I think she lends a great sense of calm to a team. From the other team, I would have to pick out Sean. Sean is polished, experienced and clearly a respected asset to his team.

    What's next for you? I am very excited about a new project of mine with VENCOR International, one of the leading providers of resort/spa wear (RobeWorks) and luxury accessories. VENCOR is a publicly traded company and has been highlighted on YAHOO BIZ, and now I will be leading a consulting effort to expand their brand nationally. This is a huge opportunity for me and one that I can thank, in part, to my experience on The Apprentice. Please see my website www.DanielBrody.com for more information and to contact me.

    I knew it. Lenny is Trump's pet.

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