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Thread: Bryce - Season 5

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    Bryce - Season 5

    Occupation: Home Builder.
    Hometown: Kansas City, MO.

    Bryce, 28, born and raised in Kansas City, MO, attended the University of Kansas. While in school, his real estate ambitions were born when he and his parents purchased two town homes and renovated them. After the completion of the projects, he realized he had no intention of ever using his Journalism degree. Bryce began working for Pulte homes in Kansas City, a fortune 500 residential builder, shortly following his graduation. It wasn't long before he wanted more, and then at age 24, with little money and no real experience co-founded a high-end residential building company. Four years later, the Gahagan - Eddy Building Company currently builds many of Kansas City's finest custom homes with most projects exceeding $1.5 million. Bryce attributes his success to his family and the values his parents instilled: honesty, integrity, and ambition. He believes what ever you choose to do in life, do it, but do it better than anyone else.


    What was your very first job?
    Service Manager Pulte Homes of Greater Kansas City.

    Who convinced you to try out for The Apprentice and why?
    Father and my business partner they were convinced I would get the opportunity.

    What did you quit/leave/sacrifice to join The Apprentice?
    2 months of promoting and working on my own company.

    Why do you want to work for Mr. Trump?
    I want to develop and build large-scale projects. I want to learn to develop property on a "Trump" scale.

    What's your definition of success?
    To be true to yourself and what you want, never compromise your integrity.

    How would you describe your leadership style?
    Relaxed, but constructive short and to the point let's figure out what we are going to do and do it, there is not time to over think.

    How do you deal with challenges within a group dynamic?
    Deal with people on a personal level and try to understand where they are coming from. Figure it out and then manipulate the situation in a positive way, and let everyone feel as if they have won.

    How do you balance creativity and business?
    Simple, it might a great thought, but it is only a great idea if it works. Be creative, but give the people what they want.

    What is your philosophy on business?
    Never chase the money, chase the goal. Dream, realize your vision, and the money will follow.

    Your favorite (famous) quote?
    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

    Why should you be the next Apprentice?
    If Mr. Trump wants an individual as motivated and as much of a visionary as himself, I will be the next Apprentice.

    Horoscope Sign

    Favorite Music/Artists
    U2, Seger, Tom Petty, all the classics

    Favorite Books/Authors
    Ayn Rand

    Favorite TV Shows
    Family Guy

    Favorite Movies
    Fight Club, Meet Joe Black, Jerry Maguire

    Favorite Sports/Sports Teams
    Football - Kansas City Chiefs

    Guilty Pleasures
    Not Telling

    Favorite Former Candidate of The Apprentice
    Troy and Kwame (I hope I come across as good as these guys)

    Current hobbies/recreational activities

    Top travel destinations
    Never go to the same place twice except Vegas, and I hate Vegas

    Highest Level of Education
    University of Kansas

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    Hates Vegas?

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    stuck on an island with creepy ferret faced Ben
    too laid back for the environment

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    I don't understand how Fight Club could be someone's favorite movie.

    Guilty Pleasures
    Not Telling
    Well, since he wants to be Mr Funnyman by not answering and leaving it up to US.. I'll take a stab at his "guilty pleasures"...
    he's a hardcore plushie lover.

    Top travel destinations
    Never go to the same place twice — except Vegas, and I hate Vegas
    Hey nimrod, the question wasn't for your stupid advice.
    Apparently he's never been anywhere of interest or fun if he's never wanted to go again.
    Also, this stupid answer makes no sense.

    He's not going to be the next Apprentice. Bad attitude will kill'm.
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    He should be the next one to go. My least favorite.

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    Boomer Lady - I agree. I don't like this guy. He is too hot tempered for my taste. He is quick to react to any disagreement. Plus, he always has a sour look on his face and gives off a negative vibe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    I don't understand how Fight Club could be someone's favorite movie.
    And he reads Ayn Rand on the side... what a combo!

    His initial interview looked good, but he's been ineffective and whiney ever since the show started. The first real look at him was when he blew up at Lenny during the Tahoe car task -- not a good time. Lenny can be frustrating, but his reaction was far beyond the appropriate.

    The guy's far too volatile to win; he's not stable enough. He seems to fluctuate between doing/saying nothing and either blowing up or whining.

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    It's not like he's a loose cannon, everyone likes him, or at least doesn't dislike him. We'll see what he does in a leadership role.. like next week maybe. Only Sean, Bryce, Leslie and Michael haven't beem PM yet.

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    Volatility is a problem.

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    Care to elaborate? I don't think a person is classified as 'volatile'.

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