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Thread: Jennifer Murphy - Season 4

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    Thanks for the insight on Jenn Murphy. She sounds like she may be more at home on those kind of projects.

    Personally, if there is a Scorned 2 (and there may be one), I'd love to see her make at least as cameo in one (and yes, wearing the capri pantsuit she wore in the boardroom, even if it was inappropriate for that). She looked very energetic overall in her time on the show and I think would at least have a lot of fun doing such.

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    What’s next after an ‘Apprentice’ firing?Maybe NYC
    Mail Tribune
    Even though former Medford resident Jennifer Murphy’s six-week run on NBC’s "The Apprentice" ended with a resounding "You’re fired," her family and friends in the Rogue Valley couldn’t be more proud of her.

    Bridget Oman, Murphy’s aunt, said that despite Thursday’s outcome, Jennifer has a bright future ahead of her — possibly in New York City.

    "Jennifer fell in love with New York," said Oman, of Eagle Point. "I don’t know for sure, but I think she’s headed there."

    Murphy, last year’s Miss Oregon USA, was one of four people axed on the popular reality show Thursday after their team’s project failed to increase sales at a Dick’s Sporting Goods store.

    "Wow. I was surprised he fired all four of them," Oman said. "I was really bummed they failed that task so badly."

    Murphy told her aunt that there were things going on behind the scenes that contributed to her poor showing the last two weeks.

    "I felt strongly that the whole girls’ team had trouble getting along," Oman said.

    Though Murphy, 26, remains tight-lipped about the show, she did tell her aunt about her team’s unwillingness to work together in tough spots. Two weeks ago, when Murphy was the project manager assigned to create a float for the film "Zathura," she mispronounced the film’s name during a presentation for the director. At no time during the presentation did her teammates correct her. Instead, they basically left her out to dry.

    The problems began in the van on the way to the presentation when, according to Oman, Murphy wanted to go over it one last time and the rest of the team rolled their eyes and refused to participate.

    But the flub did give rise to a new nickname for Murphy.

    "We gave her the name ‘Jenthura’," Oman said.

    The show, which Oman has watched since its first season, became an hourlong stress test for her and her family this year.

    "It was definitely a nail-biter every week for us," Oman said. "I hated to see her go through a rough week."

    Murphy described to her family how strange it was for every waking — and sleeping — moment to be caught on camera. She told Oman that they were filmed while sleeping and while looking in the mirror in the bathroom.

    Oman said she will continue watching the show until the very end. She is rooting for "Randall" to win it all. Though she is hoping for a possible encore for her niece.

    "You never know, Donald Trump has been known to bring people back on," she said.

    Reach reporter Chris Conrad at 776-4459, or e-mail cconrad@mailtribune.com.


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    The race is back! John's Avatar
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    Extreme Makeover Dentist Weds Ex-Apprentice

    FRIDAY JULY 07, 2006 08:00PM EST

    By Ulrica Wihlborg

    Extreme Makeover dentist Dr. Bill Dorfman and former Apprentice contestant Jennifer Murphy were married Friday evening, their reps confirm to PEOPLE.

    The couple wed in a non-denominational ceremony at the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., in front of 300 guests, including Donald Trump, Esther Williams and several of Murphy's former Apprentice costars.

    Murphy wore a gown by Samin Haute Couture and diamond drop earrings from Beverly Hills jeweler XIV Karats, which also designed the couple's wedding bands.

    The pair got engaged last Christmas, when Dorfman proposed to Murphy with a 3-carat, radiant-cut diamond ring surrounded by trapezoids.

    Dorfman, 47, and Murphy, 27, met at the 2004 Miss USA pageant, when she was Miss Oregon and he was in the audience. But their romance didn't bloom until a year later, when Murphy was cast in an ad for teeth whitening by Dorfman's company, Discus Dental.

    On ABC's Extreme Makeover, Dorfman was described as a "cosmetic dentist to the stars." He has three daughters, Anna, Charlotte and Georgia.

    According to her personal Web site, Murphy co-founded and serves as president and CEO of a real-estate development company and works as a business and marketing consultant.

    The newlyweds are scheduled to leave this weekend for their honeymoon in Fiji.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bevinlondon View Post
    Is this the same Jennifer Murphy who is an actress? I saw photo's of her at The Life achievement award tribute to George Lucas on The 9th of June 2005 in Hollywood. They can be seen at The Getty Images site. If not they look very alike.

    Yes it is the same Jennifer Murphy at the Life Time Achievement Awards and no she isn't an actress.

    At times some celebrities of different calebras receive invitations for gatherings like this in which she attended and going by memory alongside her new husband Bill! I think although this season is well over I believe she definitely had the potential to win The Apprentice - Season 4, based on her intelligence, ability to work in teams, strong communication and management skills, physical capabilities, and gorgeous looks!... and the support and love that is strongly shown from Jen's family. Now I don't know Jennifer personally but her approach to life and its attributes definitely portrays this

    Good luck for future endevours Jen!

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