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Thread: Pictures of finale week on Verna's site

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    Pictures of finale week on Verna's site

    To all:

    Verna has posted many pictures from her time at the finale and with some the cast from the day before, which you can see on her site at:


    This includes some pictures with members of "A1" and "A2", but is mainly with the season three cast.

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    pretty slick slide show format, for a quitter.

    Nice photos! The first picture of Erin is worth the look, in her authentic Bimbette pose.

    As I watched the pix go by, I was struck by how poor this A3 cast was. For the ratings factor, they were okay, but for each one, I kept flashing back to how poorly they performed.

    I loved the shot of "the girls" going over their websites. Enjoy the "stardom" while you can Verna & Kristen & Stephanie & Erin, because no matter what role you guest appear as on Law & Order, that spotlight is fading fast.

    I swore not to type a word RE:Vernarable, but if they are going to invite that lying skank back to the finale, then I too will take a parting shot.

    Ho !
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    Those photos reminded me that Miss Erin in Pink wants so much to be a model or show biz personality, and yet she has got some of the worst fashion sense ever! And gets more unattractive every time I see a new photo of her.

    And how'd ya like IvanaBeAFembot's collagen lips, Mrs C? Guess she's beginning her fembotization procedures now. Looks like her upper lip collagen exploded tho.

    Poor Bren. Still couldn't find a bottle of shampoo for his big night.

    Sad group all, was quite fitting that Omarosa was still among them. Now head on out, let your 15 minutes fade, and bring on the next group for us to check out!
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