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Thread: Omarosa, kwame & Ereka

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    Omarosa, kwame & Ereka

    Did you guys watch The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch last night?

    They had Omarosa and Ereka duking it out. It was hilarious. Omarosa is still oblivious of what is going on. Take a look at this sort video: http://kwamejackson.com/videos/ which shows part of the interview. But if you can get a hold of the full show, you'll see how much those 2 were fighting in front of the cameras.

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    Thanks so much for posting the link. I just caught the end of it when they brought out season 2's Raj, Jennifer, Ivana, and Crazy Stacy. Based on that clip it really looks like Donny dished it out to Omarosa.

    At the end the show they had season 1 and 2 compete to create a new catchphrase for Martha's Apprentice. I liked Omarosa's best, "Put a fork in it, you're done."

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    I saw the whole thing:

    Ereka truly held her ground with Omarosa, who appeared to be trying to provoke Ereka into a catfight through much of it.

    Ereka also showed why I'd love to see her guest star as a defense attorney on Law & Order at some point, as she has a firey personality that I think would fit playing a defense attorney very well.

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    I saw it and Omarosa was her same lying self - dodging direct questions, grinning and trying to hang on to her "fame". What a pathetic joke this broad is.

    I was glad Donny said she was always in attack mode.

    Ereka actually does a good job on the Tony Danza Show. Contrary to what Oma said, the show is very popular, has A-list guests, and it's not on at 3AM.

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    Would someone be kind enough to elaborate on what was said? I can't watch the video. Did Kwame say anything?


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    Omerosa is delusional. It was just made about a billion times more obvious (than the slapping you in the face, "look at me look at me" obvious that it already was) cuz unlike with Oprah, there was no editing. Oh Omarosa..

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    Although I had that channel on just prior to Donny's show, when they announced what was coming up next, and showed the faces of Omarosa, Ereka, IvanaBeaFembot, Jennifer C, Raj, and Stacie, I realized there wasn't one person there who I cared to hear anything come out of their mouth, so I switched to another channel. I've been watching Donny's show since it first aired a long time ago, but this was the first time I've actually tuned it out to watch something else. Usually his guests are people I find interesting and intelligent, some more, some less. But that group... oy...
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