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Thread: Trump Wants to Rebuild the WTC

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    Trump's been shot down, for now.

    "You take a look at a the roofs of those buildings, they're all at different angles, different shapes," he said. "It is the worst pile of crap architecture I have ever seen in my life."
    i agree, but......

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    Quote Originally Posted by doctorpep
    Anyone seen the renderings? Is the tower covered in Bedazzlers?


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    WTC model lands 'Apprentice' role


    Donald Trump wants the world to see his vision for a new World Trade Center. He also wants everyone to watch the season finale of "The Apprentice."

    Lo and behold, The Donald has made both things possible by showing a model on tonight's "Apprentice" finale.

    "In a nutshell, Freedom Tower should not be allowed to be built," Trump said yesterday of the skyscraper planned for the World Trade Center site, calling it "essentially a skeleton."

    "If we rebuild the World Trade Center in the form of a skeleton, Freedom Tower, the terrorists win," he added. "It's that bad."

    At a crowded news conference yesterday in Trump Tower, he urged supporters of the idea to write Gov. Pataki.

    Though Larry Silverstein is the developer of the World Trade Center site, Trump is touting a twin-towers model conceived by an obscure engineer, Ken Gardner.

    Gardner, 47, a New Jerseyan with an engineering degree from Rutgers, built a model of Trump Tower in Chicago that was featured prominently on "The Apprentice" last season.

    Gardner told the Daily News yesterday his twin towers model only hooked Trump recently, when the developer saw it during a visit to the studios of MSNBC, which also did a segment with Gardner.

    Tom Roger, a builder and vice president of the Families of September 11, said Trump's push "seems like a bit of a publicity stunt."

    For most 9/11 families, Roger added, "the form of that building [Freedom Tower] is less of a problem than seeing something proceed. But to throw out the baby with the bathwater now - I don't agree with that."

    Mayor Bloomberg said Trump is "a great guy who dreams big and talks big...but we are not going to rebuild the two World Trade Center towers."

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