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Thread: Tana or Kendra?

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    Tana or Kendra?

    Who do you think will win and who are you rooting for? I only want intelligent discussion here -- no bad talk about Tana/Kendra here (or discussion about Craig) allowed here!!!

    I am rooting for Tana myself, but I think somehow Kendra will win. Which is a shame. Tana is perfect for the job -- period.
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    I'm thinking Kendra. Tana is impressive, but her age (I'm guessing late 30's) would be against her.

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    I think Kendra because she does have more of a metropolitan fit , is young, agressive and moldable.

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    I've liked Tana ever since the episode where the dog pissed on her foot! But now that we are closer to the wire... eh. I don't really know who is going to win.

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    I honestly don't know. It seems like a draw at this point. The cliffhanger ending involving Kendra could be an editing trick to make it look like she's down and out only to pull it off and win in the end. But then Sony talked about pulling out. I thought, uh oh, that's something I've never heard before on the Apprentice, especially this late in the game. Kendra went from having-it-in-the-bag to possibly losing a major sponsor and likely the game.

    Tana's situation seems less tense in comparison. So my pick is Tana (keeping in mind that I'm probably playing into the hands of the show's editors).
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    I like them both but I really can't see Tana winning unless Kendra really blows it in the final task. Kendra has a perfect record as PM and an excellent record for her teams. And is a much better fit in the corporate world than Tana.

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    I like Tana better, and think she'd be the better boss, but I think Kendra will win. They were both dealt crap hands in the "assistance" department, though. It may be great for drama, but I'd be ticked if I were either one of them. Kendra's "I'll do it alone if I have to" take in the Pontiac challenge gives her the edge to me because I think she may just have to do it all herself with that group of yahoos.

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    I still can't actually root for either, since neither actually elicits that strong a response in me. But of all the candidates this season, Tana and Kendra are the two I feel are the best, and since merit isn't the most important factor in DT's decision who to hire/fire, either one has an equal chance of winning. It just depends on who Burnett/Trump feel would make for the better finale drama. I'd be satisfied with either winning.

    Side note: I just hope that on this season's finale, whoever they've decided won't win doesn't get flame-broiled and humiliated like last season. It's uncalled for, and neither would deserve it. It's certain they'll go for dramatic effect in the finale again, but it wouldn't kill them to have just a tad more respect for both of the two finalists.
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    This is the first time I've been happy with both finalists. I like both of them. I like Tana a tiny bit more, but Kendra really impressed me with the Pontiac challenge. It's a toss up for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swingsongbird
    This is the first time I've been happy with both finalists. I like both of them. I like Tana a tiny bit more, but Kendra really impressed me with the Pontiac challenge. It's a toss up for me.
    To be honest with you, this is really the first time that I feel this will be a tough one for DT to call. Both Kendra and Tana are the best candidates of this season. Even though I am rooting for Kendra to win, I won't be disappointed if Tana wins. The executives were evenly split between the two candidates. From the hard work that these two candidates have accomplished, the outcome could go either in Kendra's favor or in Tana's favor.

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