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Thread: Tana or Kendra?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juls2
    Kendra ... she is the first candidate to design something so good and professional that a sponsor is using it (Pontiac) ...
    No, you're forgetting the Levi's wheel from last season. Levi's used that also.
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    Try to imagine Kendra with a few more years of maturity (like Tana) and training in upper management skills??
    She will be better, I think in the long run because of education and prior experience .

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    I think Kendra will win. Tana may have shot herself in the foot badmouthing her team to Carolyn. I don't think Carolyn was at all impressed with that.

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    I like both Tana and Kendra, but I'm rooting Kendra for this. This is probably the most satisfying final 2 on The Apprentice. (On season 1, I was expecting the final 2 will be Amy and Bill. On season 2, I was expecting the final 2 will be Sandy and Stacy)

    EDIT: I mean Stacy, not Stacie.
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    You mean Stacy the short girl?!??!?!

    Sorry I thought they had the same ending?

    Personally I want Kendra to win, and I'd be really disappointed if she didn't. True record.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64
    In all honesty I've thought Networth never had a chance...even though i was rooting for them and still am, they've just been marking time. It makes for good TV, everyone has a group they can identify with but really... Trump has been all about having an education for as long as I can remember. No way will he hire someone without a college education as his apprentice. No way, no how.
    You're right but not because they don't have educations. Net Worth never had a chance because they're clearly inferior candidates. Angie was the only one who seemed to be of real quality. I once thought Tana was too but her choosing Craig over Kendra as the best remaining should be enough to get her fired.

    The way this show is set up two street smarts could have easily made it to the end. They had much more diverse backgrounds and should have had the experience to do much better in most of the tasks. I don't buy they never had a chance because they didn't have an education. Or more accurately, a degree since Tana had most of a college education.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabid Dingo
    Even though I am rooting for Kendra to win, I won't be disappointed if Tana wins.
    My thoughts exactly. I still think Kendra might have a slight edge over Tana, because, like others have pointed out, of the way she reacted to her employees. I know it must be difficult to work with Kristen, Brian and Chris but remember when Kwame had to deal with Omarosa?

    I'm looking forward to this finale, since I found that Bill and Kelly were almost sure winners from the get-go in the past seasons and now I have no idea who's going to win.

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    I strongly feel that Kendra will be the one hired by DT because I doubt that Tana will last very long in the Trump Organization, given her poor attitude as of late (was clearly seen during her final task and her tendency to be unable to distinguish personal from business). If DT doesn't hire Tana, then QVC will most likely hire Tana. The executives over at QVC as so in love with Tana and they are 100% willing to welcome her with open arms if DT fails to hire her. If that's the case, then Tana's consolation prize would be much better than Kendra's. If DT hires Kendra, then Tana wouldn't be exactly in a losing position. QVC likes Tana and that was made obvious during the interviews. QVC is an organization with a highly-reputable background and I feel that Tana would fare much better at QVC than she would working for DT. I would see that as a win-win situation for both finalists. That is one reason why I prefer Kendra winning over Tana.

    Furthermore, take a look at the track record for both finalists.

    Kendra (Magna 1-14)

    # of wins as PM = 3 (She defeated Tana during one of those times and Kelly who was last season's winner had the same record)
    # of losses as PM = 0
    # of times on the winning team = 10
    # of times on the losing team = 4
    # of times brought into the final boardroom = 0

    Tana (Net Worth 1-7; Magna 8 - 13; Net Worth 14)

    # of wins as PM = 2
    # of losses as PM = 1 (She lost to Kendra at that time)
    # of times on winning team = 9
    # of times on losing team = 5
    # of times brought into the final boardroom = 2

    After this analysis of the two finalists, it should be quite apparent to us all that Kendra deserves to be hired by DT more than Tana does. If Kendra does a better job than Tana during the final task, then DT would be very foolish if he rejected Kendra after all that she has accomplished. It's a no-brainer that Kendra truly deserves to win over Tana at this point.

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    what scares me is that from what i have read about the previews..they are showing tana in a failing light and i think that is setting us up for a tana win...i just really do...it looks TOO negative....i am an AVID kendra fan but i really feel like tana will win...i did however love when kendra stood up to DT about craig...everybody keeps saying how she picked at craig..i thought she did the opposite...she said she respected him as a human being and as a friend but in business she thought she was better..she seperated the 2...but tana CLEARLY was like oh craig will provide for his children, put food on the table..and then carolyn was like..that sounds personal....and tana was kinda stumped....she has never fought with kendra..true they had the pontiac issue and if she TOTALLY hated kendra b/c of that or whatever and she was all lovey dovey with her with the whole bonding moment scrapbook part then she is a FAKE...so..i dont really know what to think of that wife from the midwest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juls2
    Kendra ... she is the first candidate to design something so good and professional that a sponsor is using it (Pontiac)
    What about Craig's box clinic for Home Depot on a previous task? I saw an ad where they were promoting it?

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