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Thread: Tana - Street Smart

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    There was a huge front page article on Tana in the Des Moines Register today. (Tells you how much news is happening in Iowa--at least it wasn't about a runaway bride or *gasp*AI controversy!)

    Here goes (I've never done a link before)..

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    That was a nice article, misscrispy!!! And congrats on your first link here!!!

    Go Tana!!!
    Get Fantasia's self titled CD, in stores now!!!

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    Great article Tana is an incredible woman....but It does seem like she just in it to to win rather than actually accept the position at Trump. She has not even thought out the logistics of what her family life would be like IF she does win!!!

    I suspect the position at Trump will be much tougher than the show it's self . It will likely take her away from her family so they may expect more of those dinners at McDonalds. For 16 weeks they put up with it...will they really be happy if it is permanent?

    We shall see next week...........

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    Thanks for the article. I did not know she was one semester away from graduating. So she's really only just barely street smarts. Explains why she's still there. It's obvious book smarts have a huge advantage in this game and is why they've been gone for a while. Craig was only there because he rode Tana and Kendra's coattails.

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    I think tana will make a great apprentice. The thing about her family is you have know idea where he would want her. Maybe chicago? Any way you cut it 250,000 is much more then she has seen in a year so I would imagine her husband would go along with it.

    TANA TO WIN baby...

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    Can anybody remember that discussion last night were Trump mentioned one of them (Tana, I think) borrowing 4,000 when she was about ten years old? Where does a ten year old go about getting a loan like that, the bank? What if she defaults on the loan? I just found that very odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN
    somebody, perhaps a POed artist, changed it to "Super Star"

    sans stones.......

    10 buck at Wally World
    Eh. Rockstar. Superstar. They're virtually synonymous.

    Superstar + Couture =

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    Quote Originally Posted by SQUATMAN
    Exactly. Opinions from former candidates may carry a tad more weight than any one of us, but not enough to make any impression on me.

    A former candidate may also just have an axe to grind that doesn't carry any substance.

    Kristen? Who cares what that jerk thinks?
    Erin? Ditto.
    An additional note about their opinions. Especially Danny and those that got booted up to the halfway point. They are basing it on what they see on the TV screen right now. They have no idea what has and hasn't been edited out by the producers, to make one or the other look better. I'd only give merit to the last 2 or 4 people that were fired, they were there alot longer and saw alot more that the others didn't see.

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    Well I've been rooting for Tana for some time but alas, she isn't going to win it. They are pretty equal, both have areas of strengths and weaknesses but Tana has the edge over Kendra IMO. Trump is not gonna hire someone without a college education and that will be the thing that seals it for Kendra. Obvious set up for the last few weeks in Kendra's favor. Then last night the "cliff hanger" to try and keep us guessing. Jeez, it was so transparent an attempt to make us think kendra won't win it when we know she will because she graduated. Does anyone really think Trump will hire someone without a college degree for his apprentice?

    Kendra is pretty good but I just don't like her at all and I can't put my finger on why.
    I'd hire Tana over Kendra in a minute and i'd rather work for Tana and would cringe if I ever had to work for Kendra. She doesn't inspire loyalty that's for sure.

    It was a good idea of street smart vs. book smart for ratings. To bad, he's going to lose the best candidate because she doesn't have a college education. Tana can go into business with Troy. He was another good one that fell through the cracks of "no education".

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    Some corrections from last nights episode

    I noticed something in last nights episode that I think need to be corrected. For the last couple epsidoes people have been making comments about Tana being from a small town in Iowa. Now Iowa is full of small towns but Tana is from Des Moines and yes Des Moines is a small city but it is a fairly big town and constantly growing. Unfortunately the media and movies are always portraying Iowa as small towns like in the movie Michale and What's eating Gilbert Grape. Another thing I notidced was that Trump said that Tana was a top sales executive of a Midwest Makeup company but if I remember correctly Mary Kay starter in Texas or at least that is where the annual conference is held every year.

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