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Thread: Tana - Street Smart

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    I like what Tana has shown so far, she seems willing to adapt to whatever the team needs her to do.

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    I'm totally rooting for Tana. She is very upbeat, has a great sense of humor and is not too into herself. I think her down to earth approach will be a plus for her in front of Trump in or out of the boardroom. I don't know if she'll win or not, but she'll make it far in this interview and whatever else she chooses to do with her life. GO TANA!!

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    After last weeks episode I think she is definetly going to be in the final 2.

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    I'd like to peg Tana as the winner, but I get a nagging feeling it might be Kendra. Mmm... okay, a tie. Kendra and Tana in F2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    I'd like to peg Tana as the winner, but I get a nagging feeling it might be Kendra. Mmm... okay, a tie. Kendra and Tana in F2.
    Kendra & Tana at this point would be the sensible Final 2. I really want Tana to win, but I think Kendra will. Kendra is like Bill or Kelly and Trump likes people like that it seems. Oh well, I don't mind at all!
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    Has Trump really acknowledged anything Kendra has done so far? Just curious because I can't really remember.

    I know he's made some very favorable comments about Tana, so maybe she has a leg up. Plus, with this Book Smart vs. Street Smart angle they have this year, I can imagine he would like to find a Street Smart candidate, as well as a female one, so he can escape some criticism. It doesn't help that she's also very capable.

    I wasn't big on Tana, but she's grown on me.
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    I would put Tana as the favorite to win it all, slightly ahead of Kendra. BUT, something in my intuition says she could also be the biggest suprise firing of the season. There is always the risk of making a mistake so big that Trump has no choice but to fire you. Risk takers can leave themselves vulnerable. Just a hunch.

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    I also expect Tana to be one of the final 2, but I think it will be with Alex, not Kendra
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    I've read a little about Carolyn and how she climbed up in the Trump organization. Like Tana, she was willing to do almost anything to make things work. I sense Carolyn probably sees this trait in Tana and likes it. Plus, Tana has sales skills that just can't be beaten. Good sales skills are valuable in any corporation. I can see Tana beating Kendra if it gets down to the two of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie727
    I can see Tana beating Kendra if it gets down to the two of them.
    Although I can see either Tana or Kendra being the final two (and would be satisfied with either winning), I think it would be anyone's guess which of the two would 'win'. As we saw from last season's finale fiasco, Burnette values finale drama and scripted intrigue more than he values a good, honest and fair competition. So ultimately it'll come down to whoever Burnett feels will make for a better finale ending.
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