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Thread: Audrey - Street Smart

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    I wasn't impressed by Audrey either. She was waaaay too emotional!! I remember someone telling me early in my career "don't ever let them see you cry". Being a crybaby is absolutely the worse misstep a woman can make in the corporate world. After an emotional breakdown in a corporate setting, no one takes you seriously - not bosses, male co-workers, or female co-workers. I learned this early and after 35 years in the business arena, nothing has changed. If you feel like crying - go into the bathroom and cry in a stall (quietly) so no one sees you or hears you.

    Audrey is immature and does not want to take responsibility for her mistakes. She also wants people to feel sorry for her sad past. Hey - get past it lady! The old saying goes - what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. It doesn't seem to have worked in Audrey's case. She is also argumentative and a weak leader. She was dead wood on the team and deserved to get booted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    I watched the show on tape last night and my eye sockets are still sore from all the eye-rolling I did at Audrey's snivelling little don't-hate-me-because-I'm-beautiful speech.

    In my personal experience, people who have truly risen above harsh circumstances and have developed an excellent character despite their past, don't broadcast it to garner sympathy or gain respect. Clearly, John and Angie didn't buy her self-serving little pity party either.

    And she's not nearly as cute as she thinks she is. :rolleyes

    I couldn't agree with you more.....she just needs to grow up a bit.

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    I kind of feel sorry for the girl. Being a kid myself, its kind of tough to exist in an enviornment where no one will take you seriously. She is a bit high-strung, but she seems to have made good living for herself as a real estate agent. Although she shouldn't have flaunted it, she is very attractive. I wish her the best of luck.

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    I didn't think she deserved to go home, and I liked most of her speech. But please, drop the 'I hated being beautiful I wanted to cut my face off' act. You love being hot, everyone does. You're a grown woman thats succesful and beautiful. Shove that in the ghetto bitches faces - not in your teammates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Sandman2k5
    I kind of feel sorry for the girl. Being a kid myself, its kind of tough to exist in an enviornment where no one will take you seriously.
    I'm 22. What I do for a living involves a lot of interaction with those years older than me and creating a sense that, while I have not experienced their lives, I understand. By-and-large, I have not fully reached this level.

    It's called earning your stripes. She was from an environment where she had prematurely "won her stripes" and had proven herself before she would have normally (by age). Thus, she did not expect the treatment she deserved. She had thought that being 22 and successful meant instant inclusion.

    That was not the case. Not when you enter the competitive level that is The Apprentice.

    Refering to her "issues": being young is not an "issue".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallyhorse

    Audrey noted on her website that she is part Peruvian, as her mother is from Peru.

    Oh ok, thanks alot.

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    No kidding...very interesting stuff. I couldn't tell if the interviewer was purposely stroking her ego to get her to open up and reveal her true self (which is pretty ugly, I might add) or if the interviewer really did like her.

    That girl is ignorant, a touch racist, and a fool. I'm beginning to see why Trump wanted to be personally involved in selecting the candidates this next season.

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