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Thread: **SPOILERS** All Future Episodes! WARNING: Show outcome may be revealed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlieBug
    That would be wonderful, but that would also mean that BOTH teams would be in the boardroom - unless they tied, I doubt that would happen. Or.... Apex can choose one person from Mosaic in order to even out the teams again?
    Except I doubt Apex would choose Maria!

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    Mebbe the PM could kick her off the team??? or they restructure? or The Donald gets a little wiggy and just sends her to them while chanting "Red Rover, Red Rover..."?

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    Quote Originally Posted by apprenticeboard
    Mebbe the PM could kick her off the team??? or they restructure? or The Donald gets a little wiggy and just sends her to them while chanting "Red Rover, Red Rover..."?
    That would make sense. If Mosaic had to kick someone off it would be either her or Andy, I think. And Andy only because Kelly would want him gone.
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    I think Apex loses next task (again) and at first, Ivana is sent home, then, they bing Kevin and Jennifer M. back in and her fires Jen M. Then they will
    have one member of Apex left...and instead of the producers writing "KEVIN" next at the bottom of the screen when he is talking to the cameras privately, it will say "APEX" for his name, "APEX" for his career, and "APEX" for his team! If two Apexians are fired, however, I think Trump would merge the teams...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCL
    Probably something to do with a racetrack?
    Just began posting here so I'm catching up on all of the earlier posts.

    While obviously that was not the task you were referring to (this was the second post in this thread that I'm replying to), that is one task I would love to see, perhaps with the teams having to run either Aqueduct on a Saturday-Sunday or Yonkers Raceway (a Harness track just outside the NYC limits in Yonkers, NY) on a Friday and Saturday night. I think in either case it would be an interesting task.

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    Here're some more:

    "Episode No.13", Dec. 1st
    Donald Trump takes us back through what has happened so far in season two, including the highlights, the tasks, and more.

    "Episode No.14", Dec. 2nd

    "Career Candy"
    The final five candidates encounter candy giant M&M Mars in an attempt to promote a new candy bar.

    Episode 15 = the interview episode, Dec. 9th

    Episode 16 = finale, Dec. 16th

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    I'm a little surprised they are doing it that way with the schedule. I would have scheduled the clip episode for Thanksgiving night and done the task episode scheduled for that night a day earlier on Thanksgiving Eve in Law & Order's normal 10:00 PM slot. Many people are tied up in family activities on Thanksgiving or if they are watching TV, are watching either the NBA doubleheader on TNT or the college football game on ESPN that night.

    Speaking of which, since the clip episode likely will air immediately following the lighting of the tree at Rockerfeller Center, do you think we'll see any candidates appear on that special? I do know that's the kind of special I'd probably want Ereka (probably for now the most famous of the season one alumni) and also Amy (who has the kind of energy that in my opinion would do well on TV) as a co-host for if I were at NBC (and as far as Amy, aside from what I said elsewhere as being one I'd want to see do a tryout to potentially replace Craig Kilborn on CBS, if they did a revival of the classic game show What's My Line? she would be a perfect panelist for that, reminding me in a lot of ways of Phyllis Newman, who was a semi-regular in the last two years of the original run that aired on CBS from 1950-'67 and currently airs on GSN early mornings seven days a week).

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    could the show exist with only one team?? apex is so small/fragile

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallyhorse
    ... Ereka (probably for now the most famous of the season one alumni)
    Omarosa is hands down the most famous candidate from season one. Infamous and famous for bad things, but far and away the most famous. And probably the only one who could be considered 'famous' outside of The Apprentice or reality tv fan base.
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    Omarosa is famous for all the wrong reasons, but even with that, Ereka truly outshines her by a mile as the most famous.

    Ereka is on what has now become at least in the east this season's "it" daytime show, winning it's 10:00 AM time slot in both New York and Philadelphia, which are two of the biggest TV markets in the country. The show seems to be finding its way elsewhere, and will do better as more stations move it into better slots, especially with the success here in the east. I suspect we will be seeing Ereka around long after Omarosa's flame burns itself out.

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