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Thread: Carolyn, George, Robin, Rona, etc.

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    I do like her on the show, but the mom in me is sad that her 2 kids only get to see her when she tucks them in at night. Under 5 is a real treasure of time when kids just want their moms and want them to be around.

    If she'd actually give a crap about what I think I'd warn her that those little ones will be up and about before she knows it and she'd hate to look back having missed all those memories.

    Please don't beat me over the head people. I know women must or want to work. All I'm saying is she obviously has a choice in how much time she puts into her career right now.

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    Torley Wong
    Awww that's good point, lurkinlady. I wonder if Carolyn feels conflicted about it sometimes... and maybe her husband is Mr. Mom

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    Torley Wong
    Isn't she really Trump's receptionist, tho? Some have stated she may be an actor but I think that's her real job -- but her real office is elsewhere, not on that constructed setpiece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torley Wong
    Isn't she really Trump's receptionist, tho? Some have stated she may be an actor but I think that's her real job -- but her real office is elsewhere, not on that constructed setpiece.
    They were going to use an actress, but they went with her.

    I too am glad she is back. I just love her litte "Mr. Trump is ready for you."

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    Actually, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that her husband is a stay-at-home Dad. Maybe someone can verify this?
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    Torley Wong
    Yes, I like the tone of voice she delivers in it too. And ahhh I remember reading that as well.

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    I live in NYC too, and I see a lot of women like Carolyn here - tougher on other women, mostly because they think they are doing us a favor in toughening us up, but it's annoying nonetheless. Still, I like her.
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    Hmmm. Works 70 hrs a week? 70 divided by 5 = 14 hours a day. Starts say at 8 AM + 14 = 22:00 or 11 PM. So the last time she saw her kids was after the C-section?
    No wonder she machine gunned Pamela for her kid-smear remarks.

    A little misplaced mommy guilt there Carolyn?

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    The article specifically stated:
    She said she works 60- to 70-hour weeks, seldom getting home before 8 p.m. I try to get home before the children get to sleep, she said.
    This is the East Coast where people stay up later, and she tries to get home to put her kids to bed. Let's not mistate the facts and claim she's never home before 11 pm. A 60-70 hour week usually means working on the weekends. I'm in a profession where this is a pretty common work schedule and many of the women I work with have SAHD (stay at home dad) husbands. Par for the course. Does it make them any less of a parent than a father working that schedule? Frankly, that's a whole other discussion. This is Carolyn's thread and I think she's awesome. Others are free to feel however they want.
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    Good points, LG - it's also true that someone like Carolyn could easily put in two hours a day while at home - dealing with reports, email, paperwork, research and the like. It's not like she needs to be in an office to be working.

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